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My friend has all these guys that like her.
I haven't even had one girl I dont know try to be friends or even talk to me.

I hate school :c
I dont understand how people can sit on the internet , never even met you , yet tell you, to go kill yourself? Like who do you think you are, being able to tell someone that, ive been told twice tonight, to go kill myself, even people ive never met dont want me here, why do my friends even care?
alergies are going to be the death of me...
laying in bed at night.
cant breath.
nose is clogged.
eyes watering.
sneezing/ coughing like crazy.

whyyyy must i have alergies...?... :/
My life is falling apart...
Honesly, Its been soo much, all of this stupid drama in softball and with my friends I just can't handle it anymore, I feel like everytime I think I have a best friend we end up never talking again, I have no 3 a.m. and I want one, especially now that I'm in high school, i don't know it's just getting really old, and the fact that I have cried myself to sleep for the past month is sad because girls like me don't cry...
At the moment when  i really need someone to talk to, I have no one.

I hear a lot of people are depressed, anorexic, bulimic, or cutting these days. and that just makes me sad. BUT I just want to say to you all, NEVER give up. It may seem impossible, but it gets better. trust me(:

Oh, and society? Shaddup. Your hateful comments are making people kill themselves.

Oh yeah, and become a homeschooler. 'cause homeschoolers are awesome and we all know who chuck norris is :D
This quote does not exist.
One, two, skip a few, ninety-nine one hundred!

happy birthday niall


today I was on Witty... like all day. and I was like "huh". I had no idea guys were such jerks.

No offense to guys who rulez :D
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