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                                                                                                     WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN                                                                                             



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Thiiformafoyotuse. Iyou
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Barney likes to poke your face.

Relatables #8
The ninja moves you do when you realize you're late and still in bed


guy: do you want a hug?
girl: no.
guy: do i even know what i just said?
girl: yes.
guy: what did i say then
girl: do you want a hug?
guy: well if you insist
<3 <3

I just wanna believe in me.

I cant even count how many times I have typed a smiley face when I was bawling my eyes out .

Relatables #9
Watching 'Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader' and thinking 'da heck? What kind of fifth grade knows that stuff?'


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