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One of my biggest fears is
Watching the person I love,
Love someone else.





If it's still on your mind, it is worth taking the risk

but staying strong is so hard...


I am never good. I am just ok.
Somestimes i look at you in hopes one time you'll be looking back.
        Looking for a perfect girl?
     Go buy yourself a Barbie doll.

You love me, and i love you.
And your heart hurts.
Mine does too.

One in a Million

*Chapter One Hundred & Twenty-Four; Part One*
Amber's POV:

    The ride to the park was short and quiet. The second I stepped out of it, though, and saw the park, I was speechless. I heard Lilli squeal with joy and run off to a bounce house Zayn had just finished putting up. I saw Ali jumping inside of it along wtih Grace, Gill, and Bri.
   Louis and Harry were finsihing up a sound check on a stage by a huge tree. Liam's hand grazed the small of my back, ushering me towards the stage. There were picnic tables set up everywhere and each one was covered by pink and white checkered table cloths; pink and white flowers were tied down in the middle of the table.
   Liam climbed up on the stage while I walked around and put the finishing touches on this party. I heard a car pull up and turned around to find Mickey and Isabella trailing behind her. "Hi there, babycakes!" I bent down to hug Mickey tightly.
   "Hi Auntie Amber! Where's Lilli?" Her little eyes searched frantically for my daughter around the park. It was so cute how they acted around each other; I knew their friendship would go far.
   "She's in the bounce house with your Aunties and Uncle Zayn." I laughed out and she took off across the green pillow of grass leading to the bounce house. I looked up at Isabella and she rolled her eyes before extending her hand to me, helping me up. "Thanks, Love. How are you?"
   "I'm good, how are you?" Her arms ate me in a hug; I savored every minute of that hug, too. Isabella was looking better than ever; more happier than she was a month ago.
   "Is there something you need to tell me, Missie?" I poked at her stomach, knowing she'd flinch. She had on a orange and white stripped top and a cute pair of white shorts. Her beautiful hair was lightly curled and a pair of bright, blue feathers hung fromher ear lobes. She twisted her orange sandles into the dirt.
   "Well, I'm sort of seeing someone now." My jaw dropped and before I could ask, she told me everything. "His name's Eric and I met him at the coffe shop two weeks ago. We've only went out a few times, but I think I really like him, Amber."
   "I'm so happy for you!" I held her close to me. She deserved someone good after what Owen did to her. No one deserves to be cheated on, but then again, I really had no room to talk about him. "Is he coming today?"
   "Is it okay if he does?" I nodded my head furiously, having it almost snap off. "Okay, I'll call him now." She chuckled a little and walked off to her car where it was quieter. I decided to go say hello to the girls in the bounce house. They all filed out as soon as I got there, leaving Lilli, Mickey, and Zayn still inside.
   "Hi guys!" I acted nice and chipper today, trying to keep the day going well. I was so jealous of all my friends now; they're bodies were so thin and perfect. Ali was in jean shorts and a simple black top; her hair tied up high in a ponytail. She dressed up her plain outfit with some nice jewlrey and a pair of black sunglasses.
   Bri was showing off her legs in pink tie-dyed shorts with a white blouse on that tied at her waist. Her white fedora matched her white, crotchet TOMS that tied her whole outfit together. I noticed her engagment ring was different. "Oh yeah, Haz liked this one better so we just switched it out." Playfully, I rolled my eyes towards Harry who just, naturally, waved at us all.
   Grace was wearing a tight, pink top that matched exactly with her floral shorts; her wedding ring shinning bright for three long months and she's never looked happier. I lastly looked over at Gill and wanted to throw up. I felt like scum and I didn't deserve to be her friend at all.

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I am so ready to give up. I have no one left.
"It will get better." Every one says.
But it hasn't.
Its worse.
So much worse.
Friend:whats your passwored to long on to your computore?
Friend:holy sh*t how do u reamember that many nummbers!
me :

me:(gives a weird look) im just counting down by 9 in it
Friend:ohhhh wow lmfao nvm didnt notice that
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