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Top 4 wishes
1. To earn money without working.
2. To be smart without studying .
3. To love without getting hurt.
4. To eat without getting fat.
that awkward moment when you've literally got the best original quote ever, so you run to your laptop and all that you can think is:
'The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout.....'




Not doing the
Moment story anymore doin another mindless behavior Story casting down below
Princeton Sis
Princeton ex:
Princeton gf' ;Taken
Prodigy Best friend;
Prodigy gf;
Prodigy ex
Ray ray gf
Roc Royal ex
Roc royal gf'
Roc royal Best friend


"aww, sh/t this is my jam."

I say as I spread it on my toast.



  Akon - Smack That ft. Eminem 
one of the very few songs where
the singer is black and the rapper is white

love the twist

It's always a good time huh?
Wtf its not for f/cking me!

Chances thrown, nothing's free
Longing for, what used to be
Still it's hard, hard to see
Fragile lives, shattered dreams

today in class my friend had me watch that scary car vid, this is a true story of the events that ensued:
me:why do i have to watch this again?
her:because it's so cute and funny!
me:.... you don't like cute videos.... TELL ME WHAT YOUR ACTUAL PLANS ARE
her: no don't you trust me it's just so cute i know how you love these kinds of things
me:so you promise there's nothing scary at all in this vid
her:*puts hand on my shoulder* yes. i solemnly swear that this vid is not scary in the least.
me:*hesitantly* ok fine
*she makes me put the earbuds in and starts the vid*
me in my head: this isn't so bad, it's actually kind of relaxing
me: *i scream but then clamp my hand over my mouth while ripping of the earbuds and pushing away from the table and hyperventilating*
her:OMFG hahahahahahahaha
her: i lied hahahahah
me: i'm gonna have nightmares for a month!!!
her: hahahahahah
me: *sudden mood swing into solemn face* you're dead to me.
*I then proceed to exit the class like the fabulous b*tch that I am*
this is an undoubtedly true story.

give me some luvin if your friends have ever taken advantage of your gullibleness like that :)

One in a Million

*Chapter One Hundred & Twenty-Five; Part One*
Amber's POV:

    All of Lilli's friends and family gathered around her to sing the 'Happy Birthday' song to her. Niall and I sat on opposite sides of her; our backs facing away from everyone at the party. Liam brough out her chocolate birthday cake and placed it in front of her while my Mom stuck candles in the frosting that depicted Barbie. Across the top of the cake, in pink frosting read, 'Happy 5th Birthday, Lillian!' and at the bottom it said, 'Love Mommy and Daddy.'
   "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!" I rested my hand behind Lilli's back, and so did Niall. "Happy birthday dear Lillian!" I felt his fingers intwertwine with my own, using Lilli's back to hide it from everyone. "Happy birthday to you!" She blew out her candles and I smiled down at Lilli, feeling strange about how I was going about my situation with her father.
   "Look at that, Amber!" My mom leaned across the table to show me her camera and I felt Niall's grip release my limp fingers. "She looks just like you there. Especially in her eyes." I brought the camera closer to my eyes to see a crazed look play on Lilli's face in the photo. Liam was setting the cake down in front of her and she looked like I did in pictures from my first birthday; she started to get more and more like me everyday.
   Once everyone was served ice cream and cake I went off to my car, hoping Niall would follow me there; he did. I acted like I needed something from my trunk, but really just needed to chat wtih him in private. "What's going on, Love?" He rested his hand on my shoulder and I flinched slightly at his touch.
   "You can't keep doing that, Niall. Especially not in public like that." He removed his hand from me and shoved them in his pockets, staring at the ground. "What if my Mom saw, huh? We shouldn't even be doing this at all, you know."
   "I do know that, okay?" He kept his voice soft, but it felt like he was screaming at me; begging for me to bring him back into my life. The air grew thick and I felt like dying until he broke the silence, "Can you help me bring Lill's present over there?"
   "Yeah, sure thing." All I did was open and shut his car door, then watched him walk back to the party. I followed close behind, but far enough behind to wish I was closer. When we both arrived back, Niall floated over to talk with his Mom, while I wandered to Isabella's side. She was standing with Louis and Eleanor along with a tall, strange man I assumed was Eric.
   "And then he pulls out a Sharpie and write his number on my coffee cup." I budded in on what sounded like how Isabella and Eric met. She snuggled into his side as his hazal like eyes gazed down on her; their eyes were almost identical. "Oh, Eric, this is Amber."
   "So you're the girl I hear all about? It's nice to finally meet you." He seemed nice, and he was super good looking. He ran his fingers through hair and I saw Isabella bitting her lip as she watched him. He had her whipped and I was so happy to see her happy.

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