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F.uck an apology, I'm not sorry for anything
I've been holding back my apathy for far too long
You don't deserve what you haven't earned
And your place in my heart has just grown so small
People always say that I hog the computer
Sorry for witty rocking.
Neighboors complain saying " Stop using my wi-fi "
Sorry for witty rocking
Haters don't like we got the top quotes
Sorry for witty rocking
When they talk stuff we just be like
Sorry for witty rocking


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py my heart
chapter 2: part 1

I lay in bed the next morning trying to fall back asleep. I had had another one of those dreams. Those dreams that are so wonderful that you never want to wake up. This one was of my dad. I never knew him. I know absolutely nothing about him. I guess it pains my mom too much to talk about him.
In the dream, we were a family. It was my mom, my dad, a little boy (who I think was my brother), and I. We were having a family game night. I think that it was a look at what my life would have been like if my dad hadn't died. I would have had a brother, we wouldn't be struggling and most important, I would live at home.
"Ava, Ava, Ava," Jasey shouted, jumping up and down on my bed.
"What!" I shouted.
"Get up! Get up! Get up!" I kicked her off. "Come on! We're all at the pool."
"No. I'm going to stay right here and sleep."
"Luke is there," she said in a taunting voice.
"And I care why!"
"Because he is totally hot, likes you, and he is totally HOT!" She went over to my dresser and started rummaging through my drawers.
"I don't care if he is hot. I don't want a boyfriend."
"Yeah, right," she said as she threw one of my bikinis at me. "Now get changed. That one looks the best on you."
Jasey and I walked down to the pool and went over to where Belle and the guys were. There was a bunch of other people around. As we got closer, I realized it was because Belle was telling about her summer. Belle always went on the coolest vacations, and people always wanted to hear about it. This past summer she had gone to Hawaii.
We sat down and listen for a while. When she was done, they went away. Now it was Luke's turn to talk. We wanted to know about our new friend, however, it didn't seem like he wanted to talk that much. All he said was that he was from Florida and his parents weren't happy with the school he was at, so they sent him here to ACE.
Jasey, Belle, Derek, and Alex then decided to go swimming. I was still really tried and I figured that if I wore sunglasses, I could get away with sleeping. For whatever reason, Luke didn't want to go either. I was starting to get the feeling that this guy didn't tell anybody anything.
I lay there quietly. I kept feeling like he would start talking to me, but he didn't. As much as I hate to admit it, he was good looking. Even more I hate to admit that I wanted him to talk me.
All of a sudden someone sprayed cold water at me. I opened my eyes to see Jasey shooting me with a water gun. I jumped up.
"I'm gonna kill you," I said as I chased her. Someone handed me a water gun and I sprayed her. Everyone at the pool was starting to join in the game. Luke joined to and he and I had blast squirting each other. I know you may think this is flirting, but I not.
By the end of the day, most of ACE's students were soaked and worn out. Jasey, Belle, and I went back to our dorm to shower. We got dressed in sweats and hoodies. We met the guys out front. We walked over to the bonfire pit together. Every night a couple of people gather around the bonfire to hang out and sing songs together. It's sort of like camp.
After a while Jasey and Belle got tired, so Alex and Derek took them back to the dorm. I was having too much fun to leave though. Luke and I were singing our hearts out.
Suddenly, I felt a chill and I shivered a little.
"You cold?" Luke asked.
"A little," I said. "But I'm fine." He took off his coat and started to put it on my shoulders. "I'm fine, really."
"No you're not," he insisted and put it around me.
He was cute as much as I hate to admit it. And sweet too. Really sweet. As mysterious as he is, I liked him. I'm not saying I like liked him. Just he was a good friend.
At around eleven, we both started to get kind of tired, so we walked back. He walked me to my dorm building. I said good night and started to go inside.
"Ava, wait," Luke said. I turned around. "The end of summer dance is this Saturday. I don't really know anyone yet except you, Derek, Alex, Jasey, and Belle. And since you're the single one, I was hoping you would go with me."
I sighed. "I'm not really looking for a relationship right now," I confessed to him. "Sorry."
"I'm not asking you out," he replied. "I'm asking as a friend."
Good.  He only wanted to be my friend.  “Yeah, sure. It’ll be fun.”
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py my heart
chapter 2: part 2

Jasey and Belle let me sleep in the next day. I woke up at around ten thirty. Jasey and Belle were already up and out to who-knows-where. I got up and showered. I then slipped in a pair of baby pink Soffes and an Aeropostale T-shirt. I curled up in front of the TV and put in Die Another Day. We hadn't finished watching it yesterday. It had just gotten to my favorite part, when the ice hotel is melting, when my cell phone rang.
"Hello?" I said.
"Hey, it's me."
"Luke? How did you get my number?"
"Jasey gave it to me," he answered. "She wanted me to check and see if you were up."
"Well I'm up. I'm also watching Die Another Day and it just got to my favorite part."
"Oh, you're a James Bond fan? Cool."
"Yes and we get very aggressive when we don't get to watch our favorite scenes, so unless you want to die…"
"Alright, alright. I'll talk to you later. Bye." He laughed as he hung up the phone.
On Friday, Jasey, Belle, and I got permission to leave the school grounds and we went to the city. We were going shopping for the dance tomorrow. At ACE, the back to school dance was almost as big as prom. Almost. The main differences were that at prom we wore full length dresses while tomorrow we would all wear mini dresses. Also, everyone could go the back to school dance while only juniors and seniors were allowed at prom.
I picked out a strapless pale blue dress.  The material was sparkly and clung to my body.  It has ruching on the sides and a V-dip in the chest lined with rhinestones lining it.  Jasey and Belle got the same dress, but Jasey's was red and Belle's was silver. It was strapless and satin, with a big bow on the hip. It looked amazing on both of them. They had no problem wearing the same dress. They had almost a twin sisterly bond that way.
We put our bags in the car and went over to the Reflective Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial. We bought some ice cream and just relaxed.
"So I hear you going to the dance with Luke," Jasey piped up.
"Only as friends," I said. "He doesn't really know anyone yet, let alone girls. He only knows us and you two aren't exactly available."
"And…he likes you!" Belle shouted.
"Why would he like me?" I asked.
"Why wouldn't he?" they said in unison. They did that a lot.
I rolled my eyes. "I'm going to the Spy Museum. You guys coming?"
The Spy Museum was one of my favorite places to go in D.C. I had a thing for spy stuff. All that sneaking around and gaining information unseen, it fascinated me. I loved all the cool gadgets they use and the disguises and cover stories. It seemed so unreal to me, like the stuff of movies or TV. But it was real. I could be surrounded by spies and not know it.
That was my favorite part. Not knowing who was really who they said they were or who was in disguise. It was kind of a game for me. Sometimes I would see someone and just create this whole story in my head where they were a spy and they went on this amazing adventure. It was usually hot guys, because what teenage girl wouldn't like to be the focus of a crime and be saved by a dashing spy.

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*During class*
*working so hard, paying attention, taking notes*
Teacher: *doesnt notice*
Me: *gets a tiny papercut* *examines it for 2.3 seconds*
Teacher: Morgan, it looks like you have not been paying attention, because you're too busy looking at your finger, I'm going to have to speak with your parents about paying attention in class..

lol whut.
Excuse me,
while I fall for you<3

you're everything i ever wanted

and the only problem is           that you don't want me.

You can hate me, but you're not gonna break me.


D e a r D i a r y ,

I'm now putting you online, for the entire world to see.
I hope this helps me do what I need to do.
Well, I guess I start writing to you tomorrow.


i opened myself up to love,
i was hurt very, very badly,
and then i closed myself off again.

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