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If I could count every tear I've cried, I would reach the depths of The Arctic Ocean.
Why Arctic? Because even when I cried no one warmend me up, no one hugged me tightly and said "It's okay, I gotchya." I went through everything on my own, its not that no one offered help. But you see no one knew me well enough to help. But what makes me sad is, the fact that they didn't have to know me, to be able to hug me and say "I gotchya, everything is going to be okay."

On a dark and silent street she stands
Light brown hair falling away
[falling away]
She hums and she hums and ends the silence
And morning kills the dark

The girl fades into the light
and the day begins in sweet hums

"No, its fine, go be partners with your best friend. Ill just work alone."
Story Of My Life
I loved you once
I love you still
I always have
I always will <3

You're beautiful.

   & they scream the worst things in life come free to us cause we're just under the upper hand & go mad for a couple grams she dont wanna go outside tonight in the pipe she flies to the mother land or sells love to another man its to cold out tonight , for angels to fly.
          Best. song. ever.
By does the world have to be so harsh?
type here
Love me or hate me;
Either way, you're still thinking about me.
I just want to mean something to you.
I don't care about tohers opinion's.
I never have.
It's just you because you were all I had.
With you gone I feel more empty than ever. 
Nobody said it was easy
It's such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard

Oh, take me back to the start.
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