Quotes added on Thursday, September 20 2012

What is it gonna take for you to notice me??
Do I have to carry around a giant light up sign or am I always gonna be invisable??
a week ago my friends all pointed out that i date jerks...

and push the good guys to the side, or i friend zone them.

its amazing how right they were. looking back, i dont know what i was thinking....

... lost love ...

Guys. Guys. Guys.
It's my bestest friend's 15th birthday.
How many faves can we get for mjdefran?
Its Kinda Like You're The One Taking A Blade To My Wrist Because You're Always The Reason I Do It
I just realized that I have 82 followers...o.O How'd that happen...well, I love you all, and goodnight!

My best friend got her perfect fairytale moment.
After her field hockey game, her friends told her that their coach wanted to see her immediatley. They explained that he looked angry, and that she'd better hurry. Worried, she ran up the hill to the school. When she got inside, she found her friends and her crush waiting for her. He handed her a piece of paper and walked away. Curious as to what was going on, she opened the letter. And in big colorful letters, it said:
"Will you go to homecoming with me?"
She said yes and he hugged her. & Now they're going to homecoming together asdfghjkl;♥ Congrats, Livie girl. Your wish came true.



<3 Dance like we have mental problems
Laugh like we are freaks
Sing like we are on drugs
But hey, At least where having fun
This quote does not exist.
If people could read my mind, I would be sooo stuffed!!
This quote does not exist.
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