Quotes added on Monday, September 24 2012

My friend is not answering my texts because i wont tell her who i like.
Does anyone else think this is... i dont know... wrong? Like it seems like a silly reason to stop answering me.
It kills me to think that you can't be here when I need you to hold me in your arms to tell me everything will be fine. To make me look in your eyes because I trust you. How just seeing you right now is the closest I can get to calling you mine

When was the last time
you did something,
for the 
first time?
“Let's go to Nando's!”
― Niall Horan
here's to the witty-ers,
                                                                                  up waiting for the ACT scores to be released.
Curling up in yor bed and listening to music, just because you know tomorrow is going to be tough.
RIP Opa. <3
since the time i can remember you have been the one i could always run to, joke with, love, and respect. you never gave me a reason not to. you were always such a fighter, and a smart man. I could always count on you to help me and/or support me. I really do love you, and will always call you a hero of mine. you were the fighter i always wanted to be, and i will be for you. i will try not to disappoint you or Oma. i will never forget you or ever stop loving you. i already miss you, and i hope you made it in time for dinner with Oma. i really hope you don't have anymore pain or worries. mommy and i are fine. i promise i'll take care of her and spaz for you. i love you. shine bright, fighter. you deserve to. 
December 3rd, 1932 - September 22nd, 2012
Does anybody else wonder how theyre ever going to make friends?
I'm such a loser.
“You know I'll be
Your Life
Your Voice
Your Reason To Be
My Love
My Heart
Is Breathing For this
Moment in Time
I'll Find the words to say
Before You leave me Today”
― One Direction
Those people who think they are all that cause they slept with someone, well you know what?!?!

...i sleep with my cats, be jealous!(;
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