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After eating all day, I could use some food.

Truth or Lie
heyy girls and guys my friend Beach_Bums_Only parents made her quit her account so i'm posting her story on my acount for her i just posted Chapter 2 so we're going on from there :D

thx guys hope you like her story

"I throw the middle finger up in almost all of my pictures because my mentality is f*ck you until you prove I should take it back."


So today I had a really deep slice in my finger from who knows where.
I didn't have any bandages, so I wound up wrapping my finger in tissues and using tape to keep it there. Now, it looks like I broke my finger or something.I keep getting sympathy, then having to explain that I'm really not that bady hurt. I even had someone ask me if I needed to go to the Doctor's office.


 slowly but surely, I am getting over you.
  I never said I wanted to, or if it would be easy

  I just know that it's the best for you and I

Third Time's A Charm

(all the stories can scroll, if you thought I didn't

finish the story c:)

Chapter 12

Tina's mom cleared her throat again, then she said,

"I wanted to um.. apologize for the way I was

acting. I realized that you girls did not cause 

my baby to get hurt, and Adrianne, I appreciate

that you called the ambulance, who knows what

would have happened! And Isabelle, I want to

thank you for rushing IMMEDIATELY as

soon as you found out." She didn't sound very

sincere, but her words were, so we just nodded as

an apology accepted. "So... what's going on with

Tina?", said Isabelle. This is when Tina's mom

started to tear up a bit. I looked in shock as my

eyes started watering, "She's she she's not ..."

Tina's mom replied quickly with, "NO! Of course

not! Don't even think that! But, she is in a coma..

She went for a swim early in the morning, is 

what I found out. Apparently she has been

drinking, and the effects made her lose the thought

of swimming, so she drowned. But this

absolutely brave boy jumped in, swam out, and

saved my baby girl. Do you girls know this hero?"

Isabelle said, "No, who was it?" "It was this 

boy.. his name was umm... oh yeah, I got it! Erick!

Erick was the boy's name. I brought this gift 

basket as a HUGE thank you! Do you girls mind 

delive-", "I WILL!", I blurted out, interrupting

her. "Oh, um.. alright! Here, make sure he knows

that I am VERY, VERY grateful!" I didn't know

he SAVED my best friend! That was why he

left! He didn't use me! He probably saw me

sleeping peacefully, and didn't wanna wake me!

He probably went for a walk, and saw Tina!

Oh my gosh! I was wrong about him. I'M

SUCH AN IDIOT! Why did I punch him in the 

guts?! I gotta make it up to him, and quick.

I quickly took the gift basket without talking

and scurried off to find him. 

like it? favorite it please. c:



dont run away from your
problems, they will eventually chase you back.

Finally able to cry
but it went beyond
there was sneaking
and some cutting
a nice little F on my hip
for Fat Failure Fūck up
there's nothing I can do
nothing I can do right
the one thing I had
I fūcked that up too
I like girls who eat carrots
-Louis Tomlinson 
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