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If one dream falls and breaks into a
thousand pieces, never be afraid
to pick up one of those pieces up and
begin againā˜†
That feeling you get when you can't do anything right...
And even your friends can't stand you.

It sucks :(

and it got to a point 
where my heart 
couldn't break
any more


*thinks* *dies*


The cycle of


I am falling apart...
He is gone...
Or will be soon...
So is all of my hope...
Now that I know for sure it won't work...
There's nothing that can be done now...


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I was in marketing class. We had some free time, so me and my friends Dalton and Amanda were talking about this girl who had been spreading a bunch of rumors. Amanda asked if she had bullied me a lot in 7th grade, and when I said yes, she asked why. Before I said anything, Dalton said,
"Because, she doesn't look like her. Because she looks like McKenzie, which is perfectly fine."
Thanks, Dalton. You're the best. :)



LIFE is like


We Develop From


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