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One Direction Update
10/3/12 12:00 AM EDT
Hey guys! Great day today! If you didn't know Niall did a twitcam with his friend today. I know most US Directioners probably missed it so I'll put the link at the bottom. I was lucky enough to have a half day today so I saw it!

Louis is in Doncaster and was seen in Tesco with Eleanor. Liam was at Mahaki Club last night and Harrod's today.  Zayn was with family with his grandmother. Her surgery went well, Harry is still in California with Ed but is expected to be back to the UK Thursday. He might be at JB's concert! Niall's in London. He might do another twitcam with Zayn tomorrow so be on the lookout!

In Niall's twitcam he said that his knee wasn't doing too well and me might need surgery down the line.

Liam confirmed that he is not with Leona Lewis. He just went out for a drink with her.

Rumors: Harry is bi. Status: FALSE -_-

Quote of the day: "Dreams are like stars. You may never touch them but if you follow them, they will lead you to your destiny." ~Liam

Links: Niall's full twitcam:
Harry last night:
Harry and Ed last night: pic.twitter.com/HrCFOE1Z
Liam outside a club last night:
Liam in LA today: pic.twitter.com/C3bIMyxN
Apparent TMH tracklist: pic.twitter.com/CbBIGmk6

songs tie my stomach in knots.


Message to Guys/Him
Guys wonder why I get so jealous, maybe its because I have trust issues, reasoning for that is, is because i've been hurt so many times that when I feel an inch of sadness I wanna just give up. It's more understanding for girls because guys don't really show it as much as us girls do. So if i'm jealous I dont mean to be, it's just showing you that I dont want to be hurt again. So to my boyfriend Alex, baby I love you so please dont break my heart. I want the date 9-17-12 to stay for a long time. Please dont let me go♥;*

This quote does not exist.

I'm so much happier, stronger, than ever..
I've been through a horrible relationship before this one came along, &+ I've told myself more than once that I'll never find a boy like you .. that I can never see myself with anyone else, but you .. that you're the most amazing boy that I've ever dated, even after the names you've called me, the things you've put me through ...EVERYTHING! 
But, me being me .. It took me a year to get over him, & as much as I didn't want to, I knew I had too ... I couldn't stand living my life knowing how bad i'm getting treated by the boy that I thought I was gonna have a life with ... </3 Before we managed to end things completely, he would call me a b*tch constantly, tell me i'm a f*ck up, that he regrets dating me, everything that you can think of ... but don't get me wrong, he was an amazing boyfriend, but just needed to work on controlling his anger ... /; 
After a year later from getting over him, I met this guy that I couldn't see myself with, ever ....but, that's a lie ...cause look at where we're now. A week from yesterday, (10.02.12) is exactly a week from our 2 years.♥ I'm glad to say, that this guy pushed me to the better me, & how much stronger I am now, than I was like 3 or 4 years ago ... He may be the one, that I wanna spend forever with, the one I wanna marry, the one that want's to build a future with.. & lastly, grow old with ♥
there is nothing that will change my mind about you, baby. <33


I'm a bad penut
i hope i have my tetnus shot.

& I siousidevernight;
    wondering if the stars are just as inscecure as us when we look at them .       

I'm so pathetic...
I couldn't even do it.
I need to do this.

I wish I could be 5 again  


» get  tagged while playing chasey.    }}


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