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Happiness isn't a pretty colored package, wrapped neatly with a bow
and happiness will never simply arrive on your doorstep one morning.
Happiness is something you need to go out and create for yourself.

I can't take it anymore.
I've loved him for two years and he knows it, we talk every night and tonight at 11:11 I told him to make a wish and he told me he wished him and his girlfriend will last forever.. He talks about her non-stop and he doesn't even care.. Just two ddays before they started dating he told me he loved me.. He broke my heart yet again..
like apples
on trees the best ones
at the top of the tree. but the 
boys dont want
to reach for the good
apples because  they're afaid of
and g
eting hurt, instead they go for the
rotten from
the groundthat aren't as go,
but easy. so the apples
at the top think
ere is somthing wrong with  them
when,iin realit th
ey're amazing
they just have to wait
for the right

boy to
to climb
all the way
to the top of the


I have a picture of my uncle/godfather that I lost to suicide above my bed & every night I talk to him, & tell him about how my life is going & my problems & the good things. I tell him a lot. I don't know if he can hear me, but I just vent in hope that he does. Even though i know he can't talk back to me. I know I always have someone to talk to. It keeps me going. Seeing his smile & just thinking that he would want me to do what he didn't have a chance too. Live the life I love. People may think this is crazy, but I don't care. He's my angel ♥

I love you Uncle Billy ; We will see each other again one day.
sometimes my computer mouse stops working so i slam it on the desk and threaten to kill its famliy...
anyone else?

Everything I said

was just a picture in my head.

stop imagining the worst.
you have no idea how far off from the truth your assumptions are, do you?

Screw what your supposed

friends think;

its' obvious they reek 

      of jealousy. 

what's the point of living anyway? hah.
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