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you know, every time i look at top quote i think two things:

1. there are some good ones here, i shall fav them.


2. they almost all have


The only thing that's going to bother me is that you'll all call yourselves my friends
This quote does not exist.

The Evening News
is where they begin with 'Good evening',
and then proceed to tell you why it isn't.


sometimes, just sometimes... crying is a good thing :)
good night wittians :)

Your shiny.. I like you! (;

Format by twilightgirl995

The world is a stage; your the star..♥

Format by twilightgirl995

Normal people: Omg I'm going to die with a 100+ cats.
Me: Omg I'm going to die alone because I'm allergic to cats.

The hardest thing to answer: describe yourself.

So goodnight moon and goodnight you
When you're all that I think about 
All that I dream about 
How'd I ever breathe without 
A goodnight kiss from goodnight you


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