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That moment when there are 99 favs

and you just HAVE to be that 100th person, even if you don't like the quote.


What's the point in screaming?
no one is listening anyway


My speech on bullying;
(which I will be presenting to my whole school)

Hi everyone! You probably know who I am.. But if not - I'm Nicole. Yep, I attend school here! Ok, so.. today - I'm here in front of everyone to discuss a topic that has changed mine - and many others lives... BULLYING. I started to get bullied around the age of 12 when a girl called me ugly. I didn't know how I was ugly but I assumed I was fat. Soo, I starting skipping meals every once in a while. Little did I know, it would soon turn in to bulimia, anorexia, and self harm. You see, because of just a few words - my life would never be the same. I don't want ANY of you to go through what I'm going through. Because let me tell you.. It is not fun AT ALL.  Now - I heard something that I'm going to share with you; Suicide rates among 10 to 14 year olds have grown more than 50% over the last 3 decades. Yeah - 3 decades is a long time, but more than 50%? Seriously, guys? That's not right. We could help make that 50% go down to 0%. How? Don't bully.  If you see someone being bullied - take a stand. It will make you and the victim feel a whole lot better. And, if you're being bullied.. Tell someone! Get help, okay? We need to take control and put an end to all bullying. Yeah, it may take some time, but if we work together and work really hard - it. will. happen.  Oh.. and if you self harm or just need someone to talk to - you can talk to me. I'll always listen. ALWAYS.  Guys, you're worth every penny. You're here for a reason and you are not leaving until you find that reason. Yes, I understand times are hard. We're in a dark tunnel, but there's light somewhere. And we will find that light together. I may not show it but I love you guys. Each and every one of you.  Please, let's stop bullying. Stop it once and for all. We can't just ignore it, right? Okay, don't hesitate to talk to me! I'm all ears all the time! Thank you all for letting me talk to you. And - one more thing..

i'm getting tears in my eyes
i hope he's alive

Why do we have school?

music: we have youtube for that.

sports: there's a wii.

spanish: there's dora.

english: everythng shotened anyways.(lol,brb,g2g,lol)

math: thats why we have calculators.

geography: i'll go buy a globe.

history: they're all dead anyways.

I know how it feels.
to look in the mirror and scream.
to cry when nobody's watching.
to make up silly excuses that will explain why you're  not eating.
to tell them you're fine, when nothing could be worse.
to envy the pretty girls, wishing you were born like that
    But i know, that what you think about yourself is wrong.
My hair is bipolar. It's perfect at home, and looks like a raccoon nest in public.

 She is not the kind of girl who likes to tell the world
 about how she is feeling.

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