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I don't care how long it takes me, 
I'm going somewhere 


How To Make a Panda

1.get a normal white bear
2.get black paint
3.put a leg in the paint

4.then the next leg
5.one had
6.next had
7.one ear 
8. next ear
9.then get paint and put around eyes

And Thats How To Make



It would be cool to

Get on a train with nothing but your IPod, and get off at a completely random stop and just start a new life there.


To my friends I met on chat: Who else remembers Breeze(Bree) saying this?

~waggles eyebrows suggestively~
Once Again
chapter 5

holy poo... was i ready for this?' i talked quietly to myself for a while before i noticed that Andy was standing in the door way along with Liam behind him... they were both laughing softly at me
"would you guys knock next time?" i asked while throwing a pillow at there faces
"well we grew up together cutie... i have seen everything!" Liam laughed a little when he said that last part. He said that because it was true he HAS seen EVERYTHING i mean we are only a year and a half apart! He has known me since i was born... when i was 6 and he was 7 he kind of you know walked in on me when i was changing... it really wasnt his fault.... it was mine for getting ready in the bathroom with out locking the door!!! so he has seen every last bit of me!
anyways when we left to go to the store... just Liam and I, we decided to split up and both get what we wanted for the week! When i went through the store i was full on "give me my food" mode... like if you disturb me you will die kind of thing! well i went up and down EVERY aisle to make sure i got everything that i wanted! I honestly thought that i had gotten the whole store into my basket until i saw Liam and his 2 BASKETS!! i was a little shocked... i mean Liam didnt really eat a lot! Then i noticed that it wasnt all just for him... i saw some burger patties! since our favorite american food is cheese burgers... i saw some beef jerky in there also we ALL LOVE beef jerky...! there was also a ton of pizza for Naill and Louis. more than enough chocolate to last us a year... and it was just for Liam! some chicken was thrown in there for Zayn and taco mix was thrown in there for Harry! Once we finally checked out all of our yummy items we went back to the loft to put evereything by the kitchen floor for the rest of the gangs could put it away! hopefully soon! i mean we had to go all the way to pizza hut to get some cookie dough ice cream for Louis... who had been whining for decades about it! little did i know when Liam  and I got back to the loft that Liam had gotten something for me and was going to give it to me in front of the whole gang!

when we got back it was a pretty self explanitory for a few hours... we popped in a movie... by we i mean LIAM popped in a movie and guess what it was.... CLICK with Adam Sandler in it! its like one of his all time favs! but we didnt hear the end of Louis, Harry and Naill.... they all wanted different movies... well 2 different movies! Harry wanted LOVE ACTUALLY while Naill and Louis wanted GREASE! i voted on grease but i knew that Liam wanted to watch CLICK so i decided to give him my IPhone to watch CLICK on... surprisingly he didnt have it on his phone but whatever... all of a sudden i heard yelling coming from my room! it was Weasel and Sophie... except no knew what was going on i mean they never fight and i could see it in their eyes that it wasnt them two... something else was there... i asked them what was going on... Weasel pointed across the room on the floor... at first i saw nothing then i saw it... A. BLACK. WIDOW!!! now we were all on our beds jumping up and down while screaming like idiots... Liam, Naill, and Louis were the first ones to notice (go figure)... they came tumbling into the room! we all looked at each other confused but then we all remembered what was going on... we looked back and it was gone... we started searching for it because none of us wanted to die in our sleep we couldnt find it until i heard Weasel say "everyone dont move..."
F.uck  f.uck  f.uck a duck
Screw a kangaroo
Bang bang arangatang
Thats the life for you

fav if you remember this from childhood
Dear Math,

          I'm a teenager........
                    NOT a therapist 
                   I can't solve ALL
                            Of your 
Forget about stress and just DANCE.


You all

complain too much.


Boyfriend: Are you mad at me?
Me: No
Boyfriend: Are you sure?
Me: I was never mad at you
Boyfriend: What were you?
Me: Hurt
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