Quotes added on Thursday, October 11 2012

1st Grade: Guess what?
Chicken butt!!!

Now: Guess what!
Your a//ss..
Him: Why do you hate me?
Me: It's not that I hate you..It's just... No. I really hate you. 

So I cross my heart and I hope to die.
That I'll only stay with you one more night.
And I know I said it a million times.
But I'll only stay with you one more night.


im sorry im not pretty
im sorry i dont have huge b/oobs.
im also sorry, i dont speak b//itch
I remeber that day when our eyes first meet... I could have been one more minute late, but our paths may have never crossed that day.. you can call it faith or destiny sometimes it seems like its a mystery... it can happen so fast or a little bit late... timings everything
Confession #11:
Certain days, it comes to the point where I just say "I'm done."
fave for more confessions?
It's sad to see that some of the people on here say that they are killing themselves. 

I think it's sad that even though they came to this website to get away, 

they couldn't get far enough. 

It's sad to see that some people on here are going through so much

but can't find the power to keep themselves alive.

It's sad that I can't show some of these people that..

You really are here for a reason. 
Him: Hey
Me: .... Hi.....
Him: Did I ever tell you that you're one of the hottest girls I"ve ever met? 
Me:..Who put you up to this..
Him: Do you have a boyfriend? :]
Me: ... I feel like you're hacked right now... and no.
Him: Now you don't have to be the third wheel anymore :3 
Me:..You're lying...
Him: Of course I am!  xD What do you think I am, crazy? I'm not that desperate... WAIT. Not saying that you're not attractive... or anything... but... I just see you as a younger sister... Oh god this is so awkward right now. OKay. Bye. 

Me *HAHA. What just happened? xD*
This quote does not exist.
No matter how tired I am, I can't sleep.
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