Quotes added on Friday, October 12 2012

I just want someone to treat me well without having to hurt me first..
somoeone who doesnt have to realize what theyve lost and keep throwing the past in my face..

cause i just wish there was a way to talk to him. his phone is off&& it sucks
because times like this is when ill be talking to himm because he
always know how to make me feel so much better and he always makes me smile.
i love him more than anything he will always have my heart &no one could ever come and take his space hes just that special
i miss him so much i havent seen him in a while. i wish i could go to cavcalde so i could see and spend this weekend with him but im afriad if i go shawn will be there and truthfully i dont wanna see him untill i really have to.
johny i love youu ā¤ miss you soo muchh i hope soon that you&i will be able to hang out

Now that you're in my place,
how's it feel to be erased?

I wish someone would talk to me, saying its okay
Reassure the positive thoughts, negative voices go away
i need reassurance form the voices of the unknown
Just wanted to be told that i am not alone
and that, there are others here, in this dark abyss
while wondering to myself if there’s a thing such as bliss
but no one is here to be saved from the voices unknown
no one at all to bring happines to those forever alone

I washed my cuts with soap.
it stung like hell.
But only for a few seconds...

Then I realized..
Life is like a cut..
when its rough it hurts.
when you try to fix it, it stings.
But in the end....
It's all

So please.
stay strong
Hi, I'm awkward <3
BROKEN CONDOM STYLE! Ayyyyyyyy that's your baby! Nope! Nope!
Nope! Nope! Nope!

Having a pretty bad day, then finding out that most of your "friends" actually secretly talk behind your back and hate you, is probably the greatest feeling in the world. Said no one....---EVER
Hey!! People who are reading my story "I wanna save YOU"
sorry I haven't posted in a while.. my parents took away my laptop so I'm on my cellphone..
If you're willing to wait that's great but if you don't want to..
I understand

But I'm getting it back soon
so hang in there guys!!

 It's not that I'm antisocial.
I just don't like you.

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