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 2 months ago witty was my sitee billions of top quotes aout 7000 favs and comments but now i come back its so lame.. top quotes - 10 favs what happened???
''Niall is part of One Direction for a reason. He cries a lot when someone tells him he shouldn't be in the group. Little does he know, without him, One Direction would be nothing.''

-Zayn Malik
"Be Strong"
                            I whispered to my WiFi Signal...
Any Kid Cudi fans out there?!?   
i love him c:

My parents stopped looking at my artwork by the time I was a third grader.
However, they encourage my sisters' art work.
They have told me that they are doing way better than I was when I was their age.
So they didn't believe me when I told them that I was selected to join 9 other kids to art contest.
They wanted to see proof that I was doing it.
I can tell that they don't want me to go.
But I want to go, they finally signed the form, and my little sisters are all for me going.
They are the only ones in my family who think that I am good at art.
So, yes, when my little sisters shrieked in happiness while the rest of my family stared at me like I was crazy, I truley deluded how amazing my little sisters are.
So thanks to my Sissys, for supporting me.
This quote does not exist.
                             * Me watching One Direction pepsi commercial*
                               Drew Brees: Harry who?
                                Me: HARRY FRICKEN STYLES! duh....
I haven't felt butterflies like this for a while.

'Sorry, im not Perfect,
But im definitely not Fake'

Look at your younger siblings,
Or any young child you know.
What if one day they ended their life?
Make them feel loved,
Watch for the signs.
Never let them stray...
Rest in Paradise Jamison </3
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