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okay so i was told i should try writing one direction imagines earlier so if you want one comment your name which guy you want and if you have any specific theme you want and tell me a little bit about you and give a brief description of yourself.
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So here's to...

the crap we talk

the guys we stalk

the way we shop

laughs we can't stop

the gossip we spill

the looks that could kill

we'll stay together

cuz we're 


nmq :)
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Mom: *goes over huge project that I just finished after five excruciating hours*
Mom: you spelled Virginia wrong.
Mom: kidding :3
Me: *recovers from silent heart attack*
Me: have I ever told you just how much I want to stab you in the eye?
“Its like that moment when your in a wedding and you stand up and  say “wait”, because weather its saying wait “I’m sorry”, or “wait what you said really hurt me”, or “wait I never got over that” or “wait I secretly love you”. Your making confessions and your speaking now in a moment where the moment will slip by if you don’t say anything. <3”  - Taylor swift. 
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looking up at the clouds after a rainy day, trying to find out what they could look like. wanting to be 6 again when imagination was the only thing that mattered.

I wanna put my hands on your hands,

Feel the heat from your skin

That horrible moment when you are in the shower and you get shampoo in your eyes and you feel like if you don't open them soon someone will stab you...
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