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talking to my crush <3 :)
It's Gotta Be Who?
Chapter 58
Part Three


“Frankie? Oh Frankie it’s so good to see you! I was watching poor Niall cry and was hoping you’d come through,” she said.
“You know I can do this?” I asked.
“Of course I do!” she said. “Once you pass you get a list of all the people you know who can communicate this way.”
“Oh,” I said and I nodded my head a bit.
“Niall’s really upset isn’t he?” she asked me.
“See for yourself,” I said and I moved away some of the Mind-Fog that surrounded us.
Mind-Fog, by the way, is all the other thoughts and images a “Communicator” is thinking of, or has ever thought. There are a lot of different things I’ve learned about “Communicating” as the dead call it.
After I moved away the fog, Mrs. Horan could see a very clear image of her son. His head rested on my shoulder and tears streaming down his face.
“Poor boy,” she said, “I wish I could just kiss him on the forehead one more time.”
“You know,” I started, “I could always teach him how to do this.”
“You can teach a person to Communicate?” she asked.
“Yeah, it takes a lot of time and effort and can permanently damage the mind and scar one forever but, I can do it. I may have to pay a few consequences along the line but-“ she cut me off.
“No,” she said, “it’ll cause too much stress and trouble for the both of you. You’ve never taught anyone how to Communicate before and I don’t want either of you to go through the trouble. It doesn’t always work you know.”
“How do you know all this stuff about Communicating?” I asked out of mere curiosity.
“Well I could Communicate back on Earth,” she said. “Watched my grandmother die right before my own eyes and ever since I’ve been able too. Got serious panic attacks because of it and I’m sure you have too. Watching your family die like that. You were just seven weren’t ya?”
I nodded, “seven yes, I can remember the night clearly.”
“I can see that,” she said, “your Mind-Fog isn’t like others. It’s green. You’ve witnessed a lot of death haven’t you?”
I nodded again. I really needed to visit Niall’s mom more often.
“You’ve got to go,” she said, “my boys shaken you. Trying to wake you up I believe. You’ve fallen asleep on his lap, just like that. Sorry, it’s probably my fault; you’re not necessarily supposed to learn too much about the other side. Oh well, come back again soon. I can teach ya some more.”
“Niall says he loves you,” I said before returning to Earth.
“I know he does,” she said nodding and suddenly I felt my body being shaken with great force.
“Niall,” I said opening my eyes. “You idiot I’m not dead.”
“I know you’re not dead,” he said. “You were gone for a long time.”
“It was 15 minutes,” I said.
“No,” Niall started, “times are different there remember? It’s been two hours.”
“Dude, how often to you listen to me in my sleep?” I asked.
“As often as you fall asleep on my lap,” he said. “So almost every night…”
I rolled my eyes and then remembered what his mom had said. I kissed him on the forehead.
“That one’s from your mom,” I said and he smiled.

Am I the only one that mentally says

when writing out wednesday?

i still love you,

i'll never love another guy but you
Your World As You Knew It Is Gone.
How Far Would You Go To Bring It Back?


falling in love :)<3

I'm having one of those
sessions right now.
Know the feeling?

rest in paradise Amanda Todd.
you didn't deserve this. nobody does. you were beautiful.
if anyone ever, needs someone to talk to, I'm here.

When you are having the best dream ever and wake up, does anyone else ever try to fall back asleep to finish the dream?☆              ☆
☆        ☆                                                                  ☆                           ☆
                         ☆                             ☆                                    ☆

☆         ☆                     ☆                             ☆                                         ☆

            ☆              ☆              ☆                         ☆     
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