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I feel like I could be such a better girlfriend than some of these other girls...


Why'd you have to kill yourself?

I couldn't handle all the pain...

But James, Sweetie, I was there with you, don't you remember?

I guess I forgot

Oh James *cries*


Want to know why I dont talk to you anymore?
Do you really want to know? Because I keep telling myself if you really wanted to speak to me you would have by now.



I'none special;

Just another wide eyed girl,

who'desperately in love with you...

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Why do so many people
make jokes about Chuck Norris

But never make any jokes about Bruce Lee?

Because Bruce Lee is No Joke


And I know all the steps up to your door.
But I don't wanna go there anymore..



Keep bothering me...
But at the end of the day i don't give two sh*ts.

Y O U  A R E  L O W E R  T H A N  D I R T  T O  M E.

Well, I'd rather you be mean,
than love and lie..




30 day crush challenge
Day 10
Last time you saw your crush

Thursday night at homecoming football game. He came over to me and this guy I was hanging with, picked him up, and ran off with him lol



Professor Umbridge 

Is just a lonely old cat lady...
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