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Wait for a time, exactly under the star. Then, if a little man appears who laughs, who has golden hair and who refuses to answer questions, you will know who he is. If this should happen, please comfort me. Send me word that he has come back.
So today after school,
my crush took me out to this haunted house attraction and we went through together and he let me hold his arm the entire time and he giggled and kissed my hair when I screamed and he promised to protect me and when we were leaving he played with my fingers and then kissed me and then asked me to be his girlfriend x
loljk after school today I went on Witty and snuggled with my cat.


Instead of getting periods, can girls just get a text once a month from mother nature saying 'you're not pregnant have a nice day'
follow for a follow xoxo



WMYB: Louis gets pulled over for going to slow

LWWY: Louis breaks the car by going to fast




Chapter 19:
I woke up Tuesday morning about an hour before the interview was supposed to start. I had a missed call from Mia but decided to get food first. Food was a priority. I walked out of my room. The entire house was dark. The window curtains were open but no lights were on. I could tell no one was home. There was a note on the counter from my mom. She and my sisters had gone uptown to get Bella, my youngest sisters, some new clothes. I threw the note away and opened the fridge. I decided to have some yogurt with granola, dried cranberries, and a banana quartered. 
I walked back to my room with my yogurt and called Mia. She answered right before the call went to voicemail.
"hi, sorry I missed your call." I said with a mouth full of food.
"are you eating?" she laughed. I swallowed my bite of yogurt.
"when aren't I eating?" It was a well known fact for my family and friends that I eat all the time.
"Very true. So what do we need to talk about? Sorry I was busy last night and then went to bed early."
"Its fine. Umm so you know how I was supposed to skype with the guys last night? Well after we got off the phone I went on the computer and waited for one of them to text me. Well I waited for like ever and texted Liam and asked if everything was okay. He didn't reply which is really weird for him so I texted the rest of the guys besides Louis because I had texted him early. Well not even ten minutes later and Zayn called me." I explained.
"Zayn?" She asked.
"Yeah so i answer and he is whispering. And so he told me what happened." 
"What happened?" she asked after a moment of silence.
"Well i guess Liam and danielle were talking and got in a fight and Louis and Eleanor were talking and got in a fight and so they all ended up crying and eating icecream."
"so did they break up?" she asked. i knew she would and i still didn't know what to tell her about Louis.
 "no, none of them broke up." i didn't like lying to her but Louis trusted me with that, he hadnt even told the rest of the guys. Once they knew I'd apologize, i think she'll understand. We continued to talk about school until the interview was supposed to start. We hung up and I got really nervous. I don't know why, I shouldn't of. I shrugged it off to be because of the fights last night.
"Hello! Today we have the members of the band One Direction with us. Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan." The interviewer said. The boys all waved and said hello.
"So tell us about the your new album coming out. Take Me Home?" She asked. The guys answered her questions pretty happily. I could barely tell that anything happened the night before, if I hadnt known I probably wouldnt of questioned it at all.
"So which of you are currently in a relationship?"

Author's Note: Hey guys! Thank you so much for reading! I hope to get a couple more chapters up this weekend, I know its a really slow beginning promise it is about to pick up. tell me what you think. Love you all!

To anyone going through a hard time in life:
Don't turn to drugs. Don't turn to alcohol. Don't turn to self harm. Don't commit suicide. You're here for a reason. Life WILL get better, I promise. No matter how bad your situation is, I promise you, there will be a better day ahead. Talk about it. There is people everywhere that care about you. Your friends. Your family. If you're not able to talk to them because.. for any reason at all, you can talk to me. I'm here for you. I know what it's like to feel like there is no one that cares to lisen. It's a horrible feeling. Don't let it get to you. Vent about it. Whether it's through writing, singing, talking it out. There are many positive ways to let things out. THINGS WILL GET BETTER.

Staying up late texting your crush ā¤
My friend and I were doing some mad libs and this is what we came up with:

Congratulations ! You finally managed to get a job interview at McDonalds. Follow these last steps and you'll be plum for sure !


1 ) Make sure you dress appropriately. You should probably wear something like a shot Baby Phat. Make sure its not too pat or watery. Prospective employers do not like to see too much teeth.


2 ) Be sure to skid and reach your relish before the interview. Make sure your breath is last


3 ) Smile, be gold and remember a firm chest shake is always a plus !


4 ) Make sure to mention such topics as hair bun and morals. Be sure to avoid talking about yams They might get the wrong impression and think you are too nearby.


5 ) You may want to compliment your potential boss on his her thigh and mention how much you enjoyed gazing with them.


6 ) Get plenty of acorns the night before the interview and don't harm too much and you will do fine !

That annoying moment when you climb into bed to go to sleep, and then you realize you have to pee.

Wish List:

1) Be skinny.

2) Be pretty.

3) Not hate self

4) Cat

5) Happiness...

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