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One Direction:
I'm a Math Genius!
Louis: 675 Books plus 345 Books equals..?
Niall: LIBRARY. Ask me harder questions, Lou.

Follow for a Follow?

The First Chapter
Hunter's POV
Part Seven of The First Chapter
"Uh, okay." I hesitantly got out of my seat, and went to the front of the class.
There were a lot of people in this class, many to choose from. I quickly scanned across the room and my eyes landed on her. Lindsey. Alright. This should be easy enough.
"This person, she has brown hair, blonde highlights. It's long and wavy. She has green eyes. She's new, and she's quiet."
"IT'S HER!" an unfamiliar boy shouted, pointing at Lindsey.
"Yeah, it is." I moved back to my seat, as Mrs. Numford chose another victim.
The class went by quickly, the unfamiliar boy, clearly very attentive, answered correctly almost every guess speech. The bell rang loudly, and I went on my way to Ag class. I sat near the middle. When everyone got in the room, the teacher still wasn't there.We started talking, quietly, at first, but go loader as time went by.
10 minutes into class we heard a load banging on the storage closet door. We sat there, for a moment, wondering what it could've been, until we heard it again. A boy got up, probably a sophomore, and tried to open the door. It wouldn't budge. More guys got up to help him, and still couldn't get it open.
Lindsey stood up, "Move it."

No one is alone,

~~~Into The Woods~~~

People think I'm the saddest when I'm hyperventalating and crying my eyes out. But really, I'm the saddest, when I'm just staring off into space, with a glaze over my eyes. and a tear will silently slip down my cheek every few seconds.

Life is not an mp3
where you can play 
what you want.
Life is a radio
where you have to enjoy
what is being played.

-Zayn Malik

*~*~*Sactuary: Paradise Fears*~*~*

Go ahead and lie to yourself, and pretend that your a ray of light when you're a broken candle.
You're keeping time with yourself, when'd it all start moving way too fast for you to handle?
You're short on breath, heavy on time, You've lost the words but you have found the rhyme.
It's all just poetry now.
The walls are singing Hallelujah amen.
The walls are singing Hallelujah amen.

It's so dark in the room, and the ceilings are high, You know the feeling you've been here before.
And it's a broken pew and it's an echoing cry.
Don't sell yourself short on breath, but heavy on time, You've lost the words but you found the rhyme.
It's all just poetry now.
The walls are singing Hallelujah amen.
The walls are singing Hallelujah amen.

See we don't really care who you are, We've kind of got this non-exclusive policy of determining exactly who we open up to and let into our family,
And who becomes apart of our united mass of harmony, and thats kind of become the thesis to this song.

Because through suffering, acceptence, grief and strife.
There's no way your puzzle piece can fit into our puzzle wrong, because everyone is welcome on this stage that we call life.
And we don't really care who you are,
Everyone is capable of looking up and wishing on a star.
So catch it, so contagious, this day-dreamer's disease.
And hope can be you're sword, slaying darkness with belief.
And we don't really care who you are,
Regardless of how lost you are returning from, regardless of how far.
Bring me the worst of all your broken, bruised, insane.
Because that's the thing with music, when it hits you feel no pain.
No matter what you did I promise we forgave it, When all that's left is your voice you have no choice but to raise it.
All you broken hearts, all you dejected dreams, Just let yourself be free, 

Because even broken wings can fly away.

In time you'll find, this life's a painting and you're the artist.
Just open your eyes, because it's never to late to clear the canvus.
So paint me jealous, paint me rage, for God's sake, painting me anything, just paint.
Your brush awaits.
The walls are singing Hallelujah amen.
The walls sing you to sleep.
One secret meant to keep you safe at night, I swear the everything will be alright.

Sorry, I just had to write the whole song. It's absolutley amazing. When I first heard it I broke down a cried. This song speaks the truth, so whenever I listen to it, all I can be is the true me.
Anyways, if you read the whole thing thanks so much. If you don't want to read the whole thing feel free to just read the bolded part.

This quote does not exist.

The First Chapter
Hunter's POV
Part Eight of The First Chapter
"She pushed all the boys out of her way, and started trying to get our teacher out. It took her a few minutes, but eventually she got our teacher out.
As he walked out the door, he shouted, "Congratulations! Who opened that door?"
Lindsey raised her hand. The teacher, who had yet to even announce his name, looked at her and smiled.
"You, ma'am are our FFA President. Now, who's going to be your vice president?" He questioned.
She looked around the room, seemingly evaluating each person. She looked like she was actually contemplating this, then turned to the teacher.
"My vice president will be," she paused, "him."
Lindsey pointed in my direction. Why was she doing this? Paying so much attention to me. Talking to me. Making me FFA VP. I barely knew what FFA meant, let alone what the VP did. And I barely knew her."Alright, I'll need your names."
The teacher walked to the board. Lindsey watched him write the words president and vice president on the board before saying, "Lindsey Vali."
After she said that, I seemed to understand what was going on, and noticed I needed to stop it.
"Sir, sorry, I don't know your name, but I really don't know what a VP does."
"Well then, it's time for you to learn. Your name son?"
"Hunter, Rupes." Looked like I wasn't getting out of this one.
"Class, my name is Mr. Wesley. And your FFA President is Lindsey Vali. Your FFA VP is Hunter Rupes."

Well I guess I wished on a plane,
I thought was a star.
I guess what you wrote on the paper
wasn’t written from your heart.
I could've sworn you said you loved me
I guess I heard you wrong.
And I guess I wished on a plane 

 that I thought was a star.


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