Quotes added on Friday, October 26 2012

I like guys who are a lot taller than me,
smell good,
and give great hugs!!
So, Uh.. Him!!!

I love you isaac lee hayes!!

»Top Ten Challenge«

Day One - 10 facts about yourself
Day Two - 10 favorite movies

Day Three - 10 favorite TV shows
Day Four - 10 favorite baby names for boys
Day Five- 10 favorite baby names for girls
Day Six - 10 favorite foods
Day Seven - 10 favorite drinks
Day Eight - 10 favorite desserts
Day Nine - 10 favorite book series
Day Ten - 10 favorite novels
Day Eleven - 10 favorite actors
Day Twelve - 10 favorite actresses
Day Thirteen - 10 celebrity crushes
Day Fourteen - 10 favorite bands or singers
Day Fifteen- 10 favorite fictional characters
Day Sixteen - 10 favorite songs at the moment
Day Seventeen - 10 things you wanted to be when you “grew up”
Day Eighteen - 10 favorite sports or hobbies
Day Nineteen - 10 things you can’t leave the house without
Day Twenty - 10 things on your bucket list
Day Twenty-One - 10 websites you visit often
Day Twenty-Two - 10 physical characteristics you look for in a partner
Day Twenty-Three - 10 personality traits you look for in a partner
Day Twenty-Four - 10 favorite games
Day Twenty-Five - 10 things you do when you’re bored
Day Twenty-Six - 10 things you love about yourself
Day Twenty-Seven - 10 things you wish you could change about yourself
Day Twenty-Eight - 10 regrets
Day Twenty-Nine - 10 wishes
Day Thirty - 10 places you want to visit

Day Two - 10 favorite movies
1. Tangled.
2. The Hunger Games.
3. Despicable Me.
4. Finding Nemo.
5. Because I Said So.
6. Motorcross Kids.
7. The Help.
8. Bad Teacher.
9. 21 Jump Street.
10. Abduction.

This quote does not exist.
I wont say every dog has its day


Every man has his choice

Becoz my choice makes me what iam

"You're supposed to fail

sometimes. It's a required

part of the human existance."


So my boyfriend lost his voice from yelling so much at his playoff game. He sounds so cute when he trys to talk, and even cuter when he trys to laugh!! He makes my life so fun and interesting!! And to top it off he started to sing parts of songs from one direction and omg it was so damn sexy!!!! He sounded so good, even tho he is losing his voice!!

normal people: It was like love a first sight .. ♥
me: it was like love at first bite .. ♥

"Words Hurt
More Coming From A Guy,
Then Another Girl"
And the thing that hurts the most is that you were so willing to replace me after all our years of friendship, am I that easy to forget?
Can we just stop time and remember this moment before it passes by?
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