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Kiss me like you wanna be loved.


I'd die to be
everything you
need to see
          if i ever get a boy friend he will have to share me with one direction..................... 
here that damion(my crush)

Last week, We had class presentations ;
(make up a super hero & tell the class about it)
Guy: *says all about his*
Teacher: Does she have a height? weight?
Guy: 5'5 and no, it's a secret.
Teacher: a secret..?
Guy: she's a girl, they never tell their weight.
.That guy.. made my day. :')

Things are different now....
We're drifting apart, and i dont know how to fix it. You're starting to become closer to other people, and I'm just sitting here watching the world go by without me. I don't know what to do, it hurts. I hope this is just a phase, because if not I wouldn't know what to do. When we said "best friends forever" to eachother I thought you meant it. I sure did. I know I can't stop you from being happy but I just want you to know that even though I put on a brave face in front of you, but inside this is just tearing me apart.


In three words,
I can sum up

I've learned about
it goes on.
-Robert Frost

I thought it would take a lot longer to get over him,
but I've realized how fun being single can be.

understands what i have been going through today... Worried someone is gonna kill my best friend, and been wanting to break down all day :'( </3 I hate my fucki
ung life ._.
Love is like the ocean tides...
when they chase you,
y o u r u n a w a y
But when they back off,
y o u c h a s e a f t e r
t  h  e  m <3

blend in.
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