Quotes added on Monday, October 29 2012

When his friend tells you he likes you, so when you text you feel like you're already in  love.♥
Stay safe East Coast Wittians!
you start as a stranger
then i meet you
then i talk to you
then i start to like you
and i fall for you
then i date you
then i become your everything
we are always together
and then you moved on
you found another girl
i havent moved on though
you still are my everything
when people ask me if i know you?
i say no but i used to..

I've never actually seen a bully,
steal a nerds lunch money.

Don't break anyone's heart, they only have one.
Break their bones, they have 206.


He admitted to liking me today.. I just can't say I feel the same way about him
Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect
It means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections.
This quote does not exist.
hibernation sounds pretty good right now.
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