Quotes added on Saturday, November 3 2012

If you have a problem with me, text me. If you don't have my number, that means you don't know me well enough to have a problem with me. 
my friend: There's one easy, simple solution. An obvious one too. Just stop. seriously. stop.
me: lol ok

its not that fuucking easy.

The worst feeling in the whole entire world
is knowing that he left you
because he thought there was




This quote does not exist.


Super White Girl Problems #1281
Wanting to be Miley
Cyrus before she cut
all her hair off.



And i'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks and it all makes sense to me.


Super White Girl Problems #1282
When you lose
followers because you
reblog five or more
in a row.



So i got asked to prom the other day buy this person iv liked for a long time. i tell my mom today . all she says is no your not going .

Just because its a girl ...


can i die yet .

kneyowertrouble whe

S o        s   h  a  m   e       o   n       m   e        n  o  w

Taylor Swift 
You'll never treat yourself right darling but I want you to. If i let you know, i'm here for you. Maybe you'll love yourself like i, love you.
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