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So Today...

I was in the lunchroom and I really wanted chocolate milk. So I got up and got milk and went to go drink it, biggest mistake because it was expired. MOST HORRIFIC TASTE EVER. 

I Would never look at chocolate milk the same ever again.

Of all the guys you've helped me get over;
                         I never thought you'd be the one to make me cry the most.

My Quote .

It's So Loud Inside

My Head

With Words I Never Said
-Lupe Fiasco-Words I Never Said-


I won't tell you to go to hell...
I'll tell you to go to Oz.
Because you are in
and most definitely some
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This quote does not exist.
Thanks to One Direction
I now know how to spell rock and love. =)

Should I send this to him?
"We may not talk anymore, I may not text you or say something when I see you. But that doesn't mean I stopped caring about you, I still do, it's just that distancing myself from you is the only way I can move on and be happy, which I'm working on. If I can get out of the habit of looking you up on Facebook or writing texts I know I'll never send, maybe I can get over you and all my feelings. I don't care if you love her, I don't care if you don't even read this or reply, I just needed to attempt to get this across to you."
"Put your pain in a box -- lock it down; like those people in those paintings your father used to like.
Real men, made up of boxes -- chambers of loss and triumph of hurt and hope and love.
No one is stronger or more dangerous than who can harness his emotions; his past. 

Use it as fuel, as ammunition as ink to write the most important letter of your life."

~Act of Valor 
Everybody knows that it is impossible to wear socks while sleeping.
Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't care. 
Then I'll let you go.
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