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My head says LIAM
My body says HARRY
My ears say LOUIS
My eyes say ZAYN
My heart says NIALL

...and this is why falling in love is so hard.

 Rihanna - Diamonds (in the sky)


Hot Guy: Hi There...
Me: OMG! Holy Shitake Mushrooms! Stop staring at me or I'll burn your eyes out with potassium hydroxide.

Hot Guy:... What?! O.o

Hot Guy:...*slowly backing off*
Me:... Call me!!!!!!!!!!


Little difference between Promises and

PROMISES: "We Break them Sometimes.."
MEMORIES: "They Break us Sometimes.."
"A Painful Truth..!"






They say there are alot of fish in the sea but your my nemo

jk hope you drown 

Don't think you ever get a shot
'Cause if you had a shot you'd miss completely

One Year-No Cutting
Over A Year- No Smoking Weed.
10 Months- No Cigarettes.
8 Months- No Alcohol.
6 Months- No Mutilation.
I'm Doing So Good♡
Its Still A Struggle.
But Its Getting Better.
Stay Strong Honey ♥
Its Possible!
May Ningeongan <3 :*
nagligivagit!!! no matter what!!!!
:) <3
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