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A - Available = Yes
B - Birthday =April 6 of 1999
C- Crush =Niall Horan
D - Drink you had last =Milk
E - Easiest person to talk to =Alise
F - Favorite song=Blown Away by Carrie Underwood (Though Rock Me by One Direction is a close 2nd).
G - Grossest memory = The time I ate Chop Sui at my cousins house and puked.
H - Hometown =Auburndale Wisconsin
I - In love with =Niall Horan
J - Jealous of =Emma Roberts
K - Killed someone =Haha yeah right...... but no
L - Longest friendship = 4 years
M - Milkshake flavor =Chocolate..... duh!
N - Number of siblings =Cero in Spanish or 0
O - One wish =That I could be skinny.
P - Person who called you last =My friend Mikayla
Q - Question your always asked =None really, nobody notices me, I'm just a face in the crowd.
R - Reason to smile =My friends being stupidly hilarious.
S - Song you last sang =The A Team by Ed Sheeran (And may I add that I recorded it to see why people say I suck at singing and almost cried becasue I sounded so terrible)
T - The best thing that ever happened to you =Moving back to my current school after being bullied at my old school.
U - Underwear color = Teal
V - Very best friend (s) =Mikayla, Felicity, Alise, and Meghan
W - Worst habit =Pushing my glasses up, it looks very nerdy.
X - X rays you had =None
Y - Your last time you cried =Today when I yawned, I cry everyday because whenever I yawn, I cry.
Z - Zodiac sign =Aries, which I find kind of funny because Aries is the Greek god of war and I am so not into war, it would be really easy to mug me................


I don't understand how you can put the lid back on a Pringles can unless you are completely done.

I <3 1D

                                  Here's to the past
because we both knew we weren't going to last.
My Brothers Best Friend
Kate Anderso


Hey(: Im Katee Anderson. You pronounce my first name as Katie but I have a different way of spelling it. You can call me Kate. It doesn't bother me. Welll... I'm 16, I go to GreenPoint High School, In Cali. I know right a Cali girll.(: I live with my older brother Andrew. Our parents died when we I was 4.  I'm not that popular but I have one girl I can call my best friend her name is Brittany Parks. I love this girl with my life. I have known her since I was 5 years old. I love musicc(: It's like my life. Some of my fav bands/singers are: ONE DIRECTION (THOSE BOYS ARE PERF), All time Low, never shout never. etc etc. Well thats it for now..(:

Stay beautiful

xxxx Katee

a/n Okay so basically that was meeting the characters. You will be meeting some characters. Yes I am using tumblr girls, and some boys. I hope you enjoy. I think I will posting Brittany's BIO and Katee's brother Andrews BIO. Please comment and let me know what you think thank you..

p.s I will be having alot of things to click on. its going to be very detailed with like the characters, their outfits, their house, their rooms. yeah that stuff



 I always find myself looking for you.
          {I just want you near me.}
[I need you around.]
Cause i thought it was so funny how people pretended to care.
Do you ever have those days where you compare her to me? Is she really better...I can't believe she won your heart. </3
I'm socially awkward and you're cute

I pushpeople away
because I've been hurt
too many times.


This quote does not exist.
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