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My gender is pizza

because everyone wants a slice of me

im getting freaked out... i thing someone else is on my account because i am getting like 5 notifications a minutee and i havent posted anything for like an hour
I'm glad i took them.
I'm glad that you no longer have those blades.
You can't hurt yourself now. Not dangerously anyway.
You're safer now.
I want to protect you.
I want to keep you out of harms way, and never let you out of my sight.
I wanna put you in a little hampster bubble ball thing and roll you around and keep you away from danger.
And people.
You're so precious, youre so beautiful.
You're better than this.
Thankyou for giving me your blades.
I love you.

                                    You're my Private Thief

      You infiltrated my Mind,Stole my Heart,breached into my
Soul&the reason for the most Tender Torture i've ever

alright i can give the best love advice to my cousin when he needs it but yet im single ? wtf
My Brothers Best Friend
Brittany Parks


Hey Babes(:

Well I'm Brittany. Brittany Parks. You can call me Brit, Brit-Brit(:

I'm 16. Go to GreenPoint High School. My best friend is Katee Anderson. I love her so much...!(: I live with my mom and my 10 year brother Carter. I'm living my life to the fullest(: I love music... SO much.. All Time Low and One Direction.. just amazinggg.. I love kids and hoping to be a teacher when I get out of HS.  Well I'm gonna goooo(: Stay amazing you beautiesss(:

xxxx- Brit(:

a/n well thats brittany. lemme know what you think... next part is Andrew(:

I'll Remember You
Chapter Two

Zayn had offered to help me out at home, considering I lived alone at 19 years old.
I walked into my bedroom and saw poster after poster of Zayn.
"I'm sorry, this is really stalkerish..."
"Nah, it's alright, I'm pretty used to it."
Apparently, Zayn was in a band called One Direction, and I guess I really used to love them. Zayn, especially.
"Here, lay down. I'll go find something from the kitchen for you to snack on." How can he just walk into my house and think he can just do whatever he wants? Well, I'm lazy, so I let him.
I laid down on my bed and cuddled my pillow.
I took the iPhone off of my table, and saw that I had a new message.
Dominick: you good?! i'm scared sh/tless. text back.
I would've texted back, if I could remember for the life of me who he was...
I looked through all 423 contacts I had.
I remembered Mom, Dad, Damian, Christian, and Poppy.
Zayn came back with a cut up apple and some caramel.
"I noticed you didn't have any peanut butter in this joint, what the hell?!" I laughed. I remembered why.
"I'm allergic!" He shook his head, stealing an apple from the plate before giving it to me. Damn, he did everything seductively.
I dipped my apple slice, and ate it in two bites.
When I was finished, I looked up at Zayn.
"I'm gonna go to bed, okay? I think I'll be alright, you can leave now."
He raised his eyebrow.
"You crazy? I can't leave you alone, you hardly remember anything. And worse, you live alone, with a dog. I'm staying here."
"Zayn, please?"
"Oh come on, just for the night. It won't hurt!"
I sighed.
I rolled over and pulled my knees to my chest, closing my eyes.
"Goodnight, Zayn."
"Goodnight, Blair."
I felt something move on the other side of my Queen bed, I turned and saw Zayn's silhouette.
"What? No. Get out of my bed."
"But I-"
Zayn mumbled about finding a blanket and sleeping on the floor, but I drifted off quite quickly.
It's been a long day for me.
You took the one person who meant everything to me away...why? 
Lifs too short, so lets go live it!
aint no time for waiting time,
days like these, they go by real fast
Yeah, days like these you wanna make them last :)
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