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Watch How you treat others humans have feelings. watch how you treat animals they have heart :( im sad if your sad follow me and like this 


One of the Worst Feelings in the World

When you care alot about someone, but know they wouldn't give two sh/ts if you died.
My teacher think she all dhat -.- no worries one day she will know that she is all fugly inside out 
you just need to take a step back
and think with your head for a change

Your heart will thank you later..


Flowers blossom and decay
And now I'll join them,
because I too must fade


Link to enter the One Direction Contest below!


(trip for 3 to new york, tix to the show, and get to meet the boys!)

<3 ! 
boy : hey your cute
girl:ewww get away
boy: but i love you
girl:do i know you?
boy: i wish
girl:umm ok
boy: will you be my valentine
girl:SPHSSSS u woulda wish
boy: is that a yes
girl: its a go try your luck with a pig
boy: (cries)
girl:*sees cute boy*
girl: bye loser im going to date that hunk over there
boy: -kills himself-

dont kill your self over love it aint worth it.

With Time, We Fall
Chapter Four

"Nick..Hi, what- what are you doing here?"
Nick just moved into the house across the street and everything about him just seems, right. 
I barely know him but I do know that he's the first boy, since I was 14 that I felt this way about. 
I couldn't really describe it though, 
he was just right in the way he was. 
Not in what he did.
"Uh well, I was going to ask for your brother but since you answered," He chuckled "Do you want to hang out?"
We held eye contact for a minute, what a strange question when you think about it. 'Want to hang out'

I smiled, of course I did
"Yeah that sounds cool, but uh my friend, Jenna is. You can come upstairs if you want"
So Nick followed me upstairs, and into my room. 
"Jenna, this is my neighbor, Nick."
Jenna waved and continued on her phone, then looked up again
"Hi" She was blunt, "You're really cute."
 Nick laughed uncomfortablly but thanked her,

"My mom's here Addy, I'll see you later." She winked at me,
and I grinned.
The three of us walked downstairs with Jenna as she left.
"So," Nick put his hands in his pockets and walked around my house.
"This is cool" He said picking up a guitar
"Thats my Dads, its really old I think"
"Can I play it?" 
"I don't know, can you?" I smiled
"I can try" 
We walked over to the couch and he started to strum the guitar and sing.
I couldn't help but grin the entire time, he was so talented. 
He was, right.
As I looked down at my fidgeting fingers he stopped playing, I heard the guitar being placed on the floor and all of a sudden his face was right in front of me, and his lips were lifting mine closer to him. 
I layed down and his body gently pressed ontop of me. 
I could feel Nicks startled body shoot up, as he collapsed on the other side of the couch. I held in a giggle and ran my fingers through my hair. 
"Anthony...go back upstairs." I glared at him
Nick shot a quick and concerned look at me,
"You go upstairs." Anthony wandered around into the kitchen
"I--should probably go now," Nick stood up wiping his hand across his chin. 
I swiveled my head at Anthony then to Nick, "I'll see you later"
And he left. 


Authors note:
Comments/questions/feedback would be prime :) 
Thanks loves <3

In life, music is always the answer. Irrespective of the question. 
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