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Because you're weird, like me.

I will always hold on to the dream of..
Finding a guy that will be my bestfriend before my boyfriend.Will make me laugh when i know i want to cry.That instead of shutting me out will always let me in.That i can wear no makeup around and still be okay with the fact that he's seeing me like that.A person that would accept my awkwardness.A person that woulddd cuddle with mee just because i felt like it.A person that woulddd love me for me.
Nothing else.
A girl can dream right?

If anyone would like to read my blog... well, I would love that! ^.^
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I say

 Live at this moment

Everyone in the world has an expectation on me, how I am supposed to act, how my mind is supposed to work, what I am supposed to me.

I can never really be ME.

Who even is "me"? I haven't seen her for SO LONG.

When you're walking through the hallways at school and your hand awkwardly makes contact with some random person's butt


This quote isn't pretty. How many of you will still read it?
This quote isn't some brilliant poem.
Or cute story.
Or a quote about love.
It's me admitting something.
When I see these quotes 'Fav if you <3 your mom' I die alittle on the inside.
And these quotes, about 'You're gonna miss your daddy when he's gone, love him now' rip me apart.
I never had a dad, gone before I was born.
Never meet him, never will.
And my mom is a horrible woman.
Caused me to live most of my life in fear.
She died last week. It was the first time I'd seen here in years.
First the first time in my life I wasn't afraid.
So no.
I wont miss my mom.
And you can't love a man you do not know.
Sorry, Theses quotes hurt.
This quote does not exist.

.: I Met Him On Omegle :.
Chapter 23
Andreas P.O.V


Your father and I come back to the hotel and you're not in and then it starts getting dark and you still aren't back! It is 12:30, young lady and you didn't even tell us you would be gone! We were so worried!”
Mum, mum, I'm fine, I was with some friends,” I shrugged.
Friends? How can you trust them? They could be druggies for all we know!” my mum exclaimed.
No, I've met them before, they came to Australia. They are Crystals cousins,” I lied, easily. That seemed to ease up my mum a bit but she was still angry.
There is no point grounding you while we are here in America but when we go back to Australia, you're grounded for a week,” my mum told me. I just nodded, there was no point in making my punishment worse.
I yawned, “Well I'm tired, so I'm going to go to bed.” I went into the bathroom and put on my pyjamas, when I walked out, my dad was in the room.
Young l-” my dad started.
Daddy, I'm tired, can we please talk about this tomorrow?” I mumbled. My dad sighed in reply so I got into bed and went to sleep.
The next day, I did get a lecture from my dad but after that, I caught a taxi so I could meet Jesse. Once I got there, I saw him waiting for me and I grinned. I walked to him and he got up, kissing my cheek before pulling out the chair for me. “M'lady,” he said.
Hi Jesse,” I said the grin on my face never disappeared.
How'd it go with the parents?” he questioned.
Okay, when I go back to Australia I'm grounded for a week but that's it.”
Mhm... well that isn't to bad.”
How are you feeling?”
I'm feeling great, Andi, you gotta stop worrying about me. I'm not made out of glass.”
I know, I was just...”
Its fine, beautiful.” When he called me beautiful, it made me heart flutter and I blushed. A waitress came up to us.
Hi I'm Lisa, how can I help you?” Lisa was drop-dead gorgeous and I was surprised when Jesse didn't even look at her, his eyes were fixed on me.
What do you want to drink, Andi?”
Uh-uh... a hot chocolate.” Jesse said his order and my order to the girl and when she came back, giving him a piece of paper with her number, he didn't even look at it.
He made me feel special. 

Comment for a reminder! (: 
Teaser: I looked around when I got downstairs, expecting Jesse to be gone. What guy in their right mind would wait for 40 minutes?
Ehh, crappy punishment but anyways (: I've decided I'm going to start writing at least 3 chapters in advance so I can upload more than one chapter at a time.  Just a quick question, how would all of you feel about me writing one-shots in between chapters?
My best friend tried killing herself today.
     I need someone to talk to.
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