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Dear Family,
When my door is closed, it means DON'T COME IN.

I know I wasn't, but what if I was changing?
Nerd Girl Problems #2
When Netflix buffers.


~A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor~
I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
I am a Junior this year, but on this day (November 15th) 2 years ago a 17 year old in my school (whom i didnt know) killed himself & i can remember it like it just happend yesterday... when we found out the whole student body was numb, no one talked, you walked down the halls and every face you saw was pale, & there were tears streaming everywhere.

The kid who killed him self was one of the most popular people in our school, he had musical talents, he had so many friends, and just everything going for him in life...

so why, just why? well we may never know, or maybe the things we say it might be are his reasons...
but just remember,
even if you think no one will care.... they will,
suicide is not the answer... its a permenant solution to a temporary problem

RIP Sam Frost<3
if you are interested in sams musical talent you can search his name on youtube and it will come up<3

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE 1-800-273-TALK 1-800-784-2433 1-800-273-8255

Have Your Attention Now? Good.
Scrolling through Witty tonight.. I can't help but notice..
That exact word right up there.
So, so, SO many people.. thinking of ending it..
I get it, I've been there. I have scars to prove it. 
I can't beleive what society has done.. how much we've destroyed eachother.
I can't beleive that we're so horrible to eachother. 
The Only Way Out Is Suicide, I can't beleive it's gotten that bad.
I can't stand to see it. 
I wanna change it.

So, if you see this, know, are or just want somone to talk to. I'm here. 
I have kik, I'll text you. Just tell me... I'm Here.
(I promise I'll respond. I'll stay up all night to help you if I have to) 

If you want either of thoose, just ask. 
But please don't leave this world like that. 
I Love You All.

Stay Strong <3
& I think all of you are full of bullsh.it. Beauty is only skin deep. However, perception of that beauty is different. Like, one dude can like the twigs while another likes the chunky girls. It's all how you see it. Everyone fits someone somewhere's idea of beauty. However, you guys are more talking about personality. Someone who has a good personality is not beautiful necessarily and someone who has a bad personality is not ugly necessarily. Beauty is defined by looks. However, personality can influence how you see a person's look and therefore influence your idea on their beauty.
For me

Its you and only  you and  its about you


Super White Girl Problems #1344
When you have PE
first period in school so
you look like crap for the
rest of the day.



Shoutout to my witty girl;


this girl is amazing. I haven't talked to her in AGES but I miss talking to her she is so cool. Hopefully she sees this and still knows I love her very much because this chick is the best. Go follow her!
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