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  I Thought

I knew who my real friends are, but it turns out

I didn’t know them at all.





Sitting and talking to you for five minutes makes my day

                    Keep your head up beautiful. Dont let them tear you down.

One in a Million

*Chapter One Hundred & Fifty-Six; Part Two*
Amber's POV:

   "Nothing," he shrugged. "I just kissed you and you sort of passed out when we came back here. So I changed you into some comfy clothes and fell asleep with you."
   "Well thank you. For everything." I put my hand on the back of his neck and started to slightly pull. "I mean it." I pulled harded and started to lay down, dragging him with me. There was no other time that I wanted him more then I did then.
   "Well you're welcome for everything." He crashed down on top of me and began to kiss my neck. I led my fingers up his top and felt over all his muscles. He began to nip at the skin on his neck with his teeth; soft enough not to leave a mark, but hard enough to make me smile.
   "Alright, alright." I laughed out, pushing him off to the side of the bed. "Not here. Your Mom and Lilli will be home soon." I laid on my side to stare at him; he was doing the same. I reached out my hand and tugged on his tee shirt, tracing his stomach with my fingertip. He reached his fingers over to my face and did the same thing across my lips. I loved to tease him.
   I heard Maura's car pull into the driveway, but never left Niall's gaze. I could see it in his eyes that he wanted to tell me something and I was hopping this would make him come out with it. He took a deep breath in and let it out as slowly as he could; I could hear Maura unlocking the front door.
   "Marry me?" I knew it was a question, but he stated it like he was demanding it. My eyes stayed wide open as I stared him down. I tried to fathom his statement and gather my thoughts.
   "What?" I could only let one, shocked word out of my mouth before Lilli busted through the door. She leaped inbetween us and Niall pulled her into his arms, acting like nothing just happened. His blue eyes shot up to mine and smiled at me; he really had asked me to marry him. Again.

Thanks for reading, Loves! Wow, why am I so in love with these recent chapters?! This hashtag contest is still going on. I'm a little disappointed about it, guys. I thought yous could do much better! Anyway, what's your favorite songs on Take Me Home? I'm liking #IWould and #ShesNotAfraid a lot! Also, I'd like to thank Isabella (bowtiesandfezzes) for being so awesome as to come up with two couple names: #Namber and #Grinn! Ship it? :)xx
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I lost faith in my friends. . .
They are making inside jokes of Santa.
Oh , Wont you let me pull you into me .. Go wherever all these kisses lead . Turn down the bed , turn off the lights and say goodnight .

I am constantly torn between

Killing Myself

And everyone around me
  #withlove.jk i just dont know where what category to put this quote ;)
Blake Jenner:
1. his hips are magic
2. he is a amazing singer
3. he need to play Danny in greece, like for real
4. His singing is amazing
5. he is an amazing actor
6. he is hot beyond comprehension
7. he is supermegafoxyawesomehot
8. im so happy he is one glee
9. i wish i knew him in real life
Has anyone seen Breaking Dawn part 2? Omg! I read the book, and then I was like NOOO THIS IS NOT REAL! PLEASE. Then yeah..Haha, I was cracking up trying not to cry? xD Great movie!
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