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TG: oh man
TG: how big is it
EB: i dunno.
EB: big, i guess.

~Dave and John :3
You know how I know love comes early?

look at my best friend Daniela(19) she is married at 19, she met her husband in 7th grade and when they got out of high school, her boyfriend proposed, she is now due in June with their first child and they coiuldnt be happier.
*John throws bucket*
*bucket hits Karkats face*
No, John, stop
he is too young for that
so I honestly love my boyfriend to death but he's always flirting with other girls <//3 he tells me girls flirt with him but he doesn't flirt back but I honestly don't Believe him :'c he always comments on girls pictures saying "you look bomb <3.<3" and stuff like that <//3 today I got online and saw that he commented on a girls picture so I went to go look at the comment and it said
"<3.<3 you look. .WOW" :c it literally broke my heart because he's always telling me how he won't ever look at other girls and that he never checks other girls out like really? You don't check other girls? -.- ughh he gets me sdo mad but I love him <//3 (btw I just needed to let my feelings out v.v I was tired of hiding all the emotions I have <//3)

Long Imagine - Thanksgiving with The Gang

Part 2

We had just boarded the plane on our way to the US. Niall was really excited, he couldn't stop bugging us about the fact that it's pretty much a holiday where all you do is eat. Harry and I sat together, Niall and Liz sat behind us, then behind them was Louis, Zayn and Liam. Harry and I sat laughing and immitating Niall and Liz as we heard, "So it's a holiday for eating? There's a lot of food right?" Then Liz saying, "Yes! Niall, Jesus Christ shut up!" After a while Niall calmed down and we all just sort of fell asleep. 

We landed in Sea-Tac. I called my mom and asked her to come pick us up, we all grabbed our bags and headed out. We were all really groggy from the long flight and bad sleeping arrangements. We all piled into the car, just big enough for all 7 of us plus our driver, my mom. We got to my house quite late, so I showed the boys to where they would be staying, Liz and I headed down to my room and went to bed. We all slept pretty late into the day, tired and jetlagged. Afterwards, I gave the boys a tour of my house, Harry and Liz had been there before. Then we decided to head out and walk along the waterfront and ride the ferris wheel and see all the shops. We had a good time, we had a laugh. It was totally casual, we met a couple fans, but we didn't get mobbed. I love that about being in Seattle, there's less people. 

You know when you walk into a

room and you forget what you

were about to do? thats god

playing sims he just cancelled your

me: Harry Styles has four nipples
mom: whats wrong with you

Dear face
nice to meet you sincerly, palm.

                                                         Me & My Friend Fooling Around

 Do you know from what sexual position the ugliest babies get born?

Her: No but....

Her: You could go ask your parents!


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