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"Barley half of U.S. adults are married"

That statistic is depressing.

Yet, the odds may be in your favor.

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i miss my dad so much... RIP: October 15th, 1976-November 24th, 2012.
I Love You.. 
I miss you...
im scared dont know what to do.. i want u at my graduation this year, i know you'll still be there watching me get my diploma but it just wont be the same, this is so hard... cant believe this happened.
sorry wittians if this annoyed you, i just dont have really anyone to talk to about this...
please pray for my family...  :( or is this just a nightmare? right? :(((
Do you know that moment
When you're listening to music
And you can feel it in your bones?
When the lyrics feel like they touch your soul.
When the beat of the song matches your heartbeat.
You feel the bass, the drums, whatever it is, running through you.
It's just amazing.

And, for a moment, all you know, is the music.
No pain
No suffering
Just music.

"There's something sexy
about the rain, "
she said as it came pouring down.

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You don't know me.
So do us all a favor and stop acting like you do.
One Direction Update
11/25/12 11:50 PM EST
Hello! So today Liam, Niall and Harry flew to NYC with their crew. Zayn and Louis will be leaving early on tomorrow. Something went wrong with Zayn's traveller's visa so he had to go with Paul to get the issues sorted out. Louis stayed back as well. They will both be joined by Paul, Eleanor, Perrie, Perrie's mom and Harry's dad.

So the big thing going around today was the Larry Storm. I wrote a twitlonger explaining what it is and any questions you might have about it:

Rumors: Danielle cheated on Liam with another dancer and then got pregnant with the other guys baby. That's why they broke up. Status: FALSE The reason they broke up is unknown but it's none of our business.

Quote of the day: "Every time I listen to our band! It just makes me think... this is why I love music soo much... it's an incredible thing. Sorry to be all weird now but when you think about it... some people don't like certain things... but when it comes to music .. no matter who you are, where your from.. what kind of personality you've got... everyone loves music of some sort. .. that's what is epic about it." ~Niall

Links: Harry and a fan at Heathrow airport today:
Liam and a fan at Heathrow: pic.twitter.com/DqYdWm2U
Liam at JFK airport in NYC: twitpic.com/bgih80
Niall and Liam at JFK: twitpic.com/bgji9r
Love at first sight?
I never realized how much i loved him
until i watched him love someone else.
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