Quotes added on Thursday, November 29 2012

one day
am going to wake up,

roll over on my side,
and kiss the love of my life

good morning.
Guy asking girl out over txt

Guy: You wanna be my girlfriennnn?

Girl: Wheres the D?

Guy: dont worry you will get plenty of

that later;)
Dogs never bite me. Just humans.  -Marilyn Monroe 

If spiders learn how to fly,

I'm leaving this planet.

I hate it when I think of a really

good quote and then I forg-...

Well f/ck!
So I really like this guy. & we kinda talked last year and this year he is in one of my classes. Well he's been looking at me. I mean not staring I don't think? But my BestFriend today told me how he looked at me then looked away at lunch and then when he stood in front of my lunch table she said he looked at my five times I mean I know it could be nothing and this is kinda first grade but I thought I could go for a second opinion. If you could tell me what you think that'd be great (: 
I went back to the very first day we started talking, March 22nd 2012.
I miss you so much, I miss talking to you all the time,
I miss our phone conversations that went on till 4 in the morning,
I miss how close we were and how much you used to make me smile.
I miss everything.

Now, because I went back and read those messages, I'm sitting here crying over the boy that was never mine.

Happy Birthday


Dance now;

Talk later.

The ones who are hurt are the ones left behind.
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