Quotes added on Friday, November 30 2012

Letting go is tough.
But holding on hurts to much.

You know that feeling?
when you're just waiting
waiting to get home, into your room,
close the door, fall on your bed,
and just let out everything you kept in all day.
that feeling of both relief and despiration.
nothing is wrong,
but nothing is right either.
and you're tired.
tired of everything,
tired of nothing.
and you just want someone to be there,
and tell you its okay.
but no ones gonna be there.
and you know you have to be strong
for yourself,
because no one can fix you.
but you're tired of waiting.
tired of being the one to fix yourself and everyone else.
tired of being strong,
and for once you just want it to be easy.
to be simple.
to be helped.
to be saved.
but you know you wont be.
 but you're still hoping.
and still wishing.
and still staying strong,
even with tears in your eyes.
you're fighting.


I can't stay away for another second.
Let me say everything.
your the ONLY ONE worth fighting for.
& i wont throw my promises away. 


That moment when you want to punch your best friend when they flirt with someone they know you like</3


I am not beautiful.. So shut up and stop lying to me.
Closing your left and right eye to

see how things

change places... :D
keep calm
and carry on
just keep swimming

;) dory
that awkward moment when you are trying to call your mum...
you- dude be quite im calling my mum!
person in backround- pass the weed...

You Can't 


If You're A



I've always wanted a friend I can just vent to
So why do I always say i'm fine every single time?

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