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He likes her..

& i don't know what to do. ):

Though my head says
"just forget it, you'll get hurt and you'll regret it"
ask me now and won't hesitate.

who else hates when that happens with someone who meant the world to you.
This quote does not exist.
Pass well , Set high , Spike hard , Dig fierce <3
Normal people flirting: Hey, you look really nice. *winks*
Person: Ha. Thanks. You're cute when you wink.
Flirter: Thanks. Want to go out sometime?
Person: Yeah. Pick me up at 7. Here's my number.

Me flirting: *winks*
Person: Do you.. do you have a twitch?
Me: Your pants look nice. Did you get them from pants.com?
Person: No, actually i got them fro-
Me: I'll buy you a bag of cheetos and a soda. Tonight 5 o'clock
Person: But it's 6.
Me: 6 minutes until you love in fall with me.
Person: You do reali-

You can be fake all you want
But i'm me and im not changing for you. I'm tired of hating what  I look like. If you don't like the way I look poke your eyes out so you don't have to look at me.  


I honestly have nothing to live for-no reason

to be happy. My best friend ditched me. My

family hates me. I hardly ever even eat lunch

I'm alone. I have no friends. Nobody likes

I get bad 
grades, and teachers hate me.

I'm a fu/k up 
So what exactly

am i still doing here???


My Guardian Angel
C h a p t e r   E l e v e n :

“This movie looks good,” Will said, studying the back of the case.
We were sitting in my living room, rummaging through my DVD collection trying to pick out one to watch.
We did that a lot lately, he would come over and at least once a week we’d spend the night watching movies.
“Ew no!” I exclaimed.
He always picked action movies, and I always refused to watch them.
“Fine then, you pick the movie!” he commanded.
I flipped through the stack and when I reached the Notebook I stopped.
“What about this one?” I asked, holding it up.
He raised his eyebrows, “Really?”
Every time I would pick out a tear-jerking or comical chick flick.
I shot him the puppy-dog face.
“Don’t pull that face on me,” he said, “You know it’s my only weakness! Fine, we’ll watch it.”
I hugged and kissed him on the cheek, “Thank you! You’re the best!”
“I know,” he joked.
I playfully hit him on the chest and he pretended that it hurt.
Getting up, he put the movie in and pressed play.
We cuddled on the couch as the movie played.
I cried, a lot.
And I’m pretty sure I saw Will’s eyes tear up at one point during the movie.
Even though he never wanted to admit it, he had a soft heart.
That was arguably one of his best qualities.
Arguably because in basically every aspect he was the perfect boyfriend.
I had yet to find a major flaw in him.
We watched two more movies, both chick flicks.
After the last movie finished he checked his phone and shot off the couch.
“Wow, how did it get so late?” he wondered out loud.
I pulled on his arm, “Don’t leave me yet!”
He leaned down and kissed me, “Sorry, I have to go. But I’ll call you tomorrow, OK?”
“OK,” I agreed with a sigh.
He threw his shoes on and walked outside to his car.
Getting in, he turned the car on and backed out of my driveway.
I watched his taillights disappear in the dark night with a smile on my face.

Sorry it's not very long!
I wanted to keep this chapter
simple, just to give you all
a taste of their relationship!
Thanks for reading <3
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