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I hate how when you go into a changing room at the mall. And in the mirror you look SEXAYYY. But when you get home you just look deformed ._.
So this is kinda going to be a paragraph, but if you really cared you would read it. I really need help.
Me and my best friend stopped talking about 3 or 4 years ago. I miss her and I wished we haden't stopped talking, but our families got tense so we would never hang out. My mom and her grandma talk when they see each other in stores or whatnot, but thats not the point. I still dream about her, not too frequently, but not like once every 4 months. Its always the same thing- we make up and then go back to being friends, and I keep saying over and over how happy I am that we became friends again. Then I wake up hating myself for dreaming about her again, and I think about it for the whole day. I never wanted us to stop talking, but now i'm really getting tired of the dreams. No, don't suggest that we should talk again because I never see her even though she lives a few houses down, and it would be WAYY too awkward to even start talking again. Any advice?

I can't even text without writing long, nice sentences that use proper grammar and spelling.


I hate letting the bad thoughts
Overpower the good

I will break these chains that bind me,
happiness will find me.
Leave the past behind me, today my life begins.
A whole new world is waiting,
it's mine for the taking,
I know I can make it,


Today My Life Begins- Bruno Mars

My tolerance for you right now is 400% gone 


This quote does not exist.
It's So Hard To Actually See Myself In A Relationship.
Not Because I'm Not Crushing (More Kinda Fallen)
But Because I Always Screw Things Up.
-I'm High Maintenance.
-I'm Whinny.
-I'm Moody.
-&& No One Wants To Spend The Time To Fix My Broken Heart. But That Too Is My Fault.
Me:-noms on cookie-
Hot dude: Where'd you get that?
Me:My pocket.
Hot dude-Can i have some :D
Me: -thinks really hard.- NO.
Hot dude: Fine. Then you cant see me naked anymore.
Me:Fine by me. -noms on cookie-
Hot dude: -walks away-

*5 minutes later*
That moment when your creepin around to get to the kitchen and u run into something 0_o
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