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One Direction Update
12/3/12 11:55 PM EST
Hey guys! What a fantastic and emotional day for our special boys! As I'm sure you all know, the boys sung their very first ever gig at Madion Sqaure Garden! Ed Sheeran opened for them! If you got to see any videos from the show, you could see how happy they were. They ALL cried!!

Now the boys, including families and girlfriends are going to Staten Isalnd for an after party! They actually stopped at McDonald's though first, which I find cute. Then, tomorrow the boys spend the day with all of the Go1Den Ticket winners!

Guys, I was just thinking about how far the boys and this fandom have come just look:
Rumors: Danielle and Liam are back together. Status: TRUE This is the one rare time one of the rumors is actually true! And I'm glad! Tonight during the show, Liam said that his girlfriend was in the audience! Yay PAYZER!

Taylor Swift was there. Status: FALSE She was at an awards ceremony.

Someone was arrested for having a gun. Status: FALSE This was all just made up on a fake Greg Horan FB page.

Quote of the day (special for MSG): "We love you so much, you're amazing. This is the best night of my life." ~Niall on stage at MSG tonight.

Links: Louis' speech:
Another MSG vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQgx22UffL8&list=UL
Niall at MSG:
The boys: pic.twitter.com/J54P77HO
Our babys hugging: pic.twitter.com/BmtiN8VZ
What do you really think of me? I heard you talking about me with your friends.
If you really don't like me, then why do you stick around? I know I'm trouble, horrid, annoying, but I love you and hate myself so damn much.
I will understand, you know.
Just please. What do you really think of me?
This quote does not exist.
Hello fellow fans, I am taking a break, I have finals coming up so I need to be studying for those. I probably will post some more chapters, Im thinking 4 or five Christmas week, but I need to be studying.
taylor swift has been the sound track to my life and gets me threw everything she gets me



Someone save me;
I can't hold on any longer.

Stupid girl, I should've known.
my dog seems to like me...
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