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Friend 1: When we're bored we just follow random guys around
Me:We're just that desperate
Guy:You've never followed me around before
Friend 2:We're not that desperate...



We made eye contact for 2 seconds today.

I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.

What I Want For Christma#1

For Cancer to disappear from everyone and the world.

On December 6th wear a black ribbon on your wrist if you've ever
self harmed
starved yourself
have been suicidial.
If you see someone else with the ribbon, go up to them and hug them or tell them to stay strong.

Spread the word!
Someone Like You
Chapter 6
Still breathing heavily, I made my way out the door and to my locker. Jaqueline was standing there, waiting for me, twirling her fingers through strands of her curly brown hair.
"Hey Jacky! How was first period?" I smiled at her cheerfully.
"Um, yeah... great..." Her face dazed.
"Are you okay?" I swiped my hand in front of her face.
"Couldn't be better." She smiled, cheekily.
Ohhhh now I understood. She must have skipped class with Aiden. They were such a cute couple! If only I had a relationship like theres...
"Hey TIffany! How have you been?" Aiden was standing there, his arm around Jacky's waist, smiling at me.
"Fine! Love the new car! Its actually amazing!" I said cheerfully, if only they could know about Carter...
"C'mon Aiden, we need to get to second period, after all, we did miss first period..." Jaqueline tugged at his arm. They nuzzled there noses, and Aiden leaned down to kiss Jaqueline. Awwww...my heart dropped down to my stomach. If only that was me.
 After school, I went home and got dressed. Now I had to meet Drew at the cafe on the corner of my street, my favourite cafe. It was a cute little hut, where I used to go when I was a child. My parents were never home, too busy having business trips overseas. My mum was a well known doctor, and travelled around the world to help all the rich and wealthy. My dad was a businessman, his work involved the international trade market, so he would represent the company.
I wanted to dress kind of revealing. I was a player right? I would show him. I wore a pale pink lacy bralet, making my chest look bustier, it showed my toned stomach. Shiny leather hotpants below and chunky wedge ankle boots. Time to show off what he missed out.
I walked into the cafe at exactly 4 O'clock. Drew glanced up, as the bell above the door rang. He smiled as his eyes scanned my body. I could tell he was missing it. "Wooaahhh..." escaped his mouth.
"Well, hi to you too." I chuckled sarcastically.
"You look.... wooaah" He repeated, his eyes glued to my body.
I slid into the booth, sitting opposite him.
"What did you want to talk about?" I asked, his eyes still glued to my upper half.
Then his eyes shifted. He looked into my eyes, his dark brown eyes were wells of emotion.
"I really miss you, Tiff. You're so beautiful, and I'm sorry I forced you to. I love you." His eyes brimming with tears. Was he faking them? He was a well trained actor, the school quarterback as well as a moviestar. Well, he was in "The Notebook" for like 2 minutes, but he had to have acting classes for 3 months before filming, everyday.
"What do you want me to do about it then?"
"Please take me back...I'm really sorry, and I want you to forgive me." He looked down at the table ashamed.
"You realise you broke up with me first right?"
"Yeah, I'm really sorry" He took my hand, which i had placed on the table and put our hands together.
"Look, I'm not going to forgive you. But if you really do love me, you can show me." I muttered, disgusted at the player that sat in front of me.
"Ummm...well I was thinking to go to your house to talk maybe?" He whimpered with his puppy dog eyes.
"I can't. How about I see you tomorrow at school?"
"Oh, ok. Sure, cya."
"And what about your girlfriend?" I turned before I was about to leave.
"Oh, her. I dumped her." He said cheerfully, all too cheerfully.
As I was about to walk out the door, I decided to let my inner player take charge. I strutted back to Drew.
"How about we get together tomorrow night? At my place?" I whispered, as I  gently leant down and kissed him on the lips.
"S...s..s..sounds great!" He managed to stutter. But I had already walked out the door, shaking my booty at him. Teasing him. I walked past the window of the cafe, where he was watching me. I turned and winked then walked off.
I called Jaqueline, 'Hey Jacky! Watsup?"
"Ohhh, oh my god! Yes! Yes! Oh sorry, Hey Tiff! I'm kinda in the middle of something, mmmm, that's it, Yes! Aiden! Sorry TIff, better make it quick! Uhhhhh...yeeesssss!"
"Ok, I was thinking a party tonight, at my house. see u at 10! Having fun there?"
"mmmmm, yes, yes, yes. Sure Tiff, see u at 10. Oh my god, I love you Aiden! Ohhhhhhh..."
I hung up, disgusted by the sound of their love making.
Time to plan a party!
It's about time the players get played.
http://www.polyvore.com/someone_like_you_tiffany_cafe/set?id=64986009 - Tiffany's outfit to the cafe
Change doesn't happen overnight
You just to keep on trying
And never give up
And eventually
You will become the person you want to be<3

If I could reach up and grab a star for every time you have made me smile, I would have the entire evening sky in the palm of my hand.

The voices in my head tell me I'm crazy
But I already know
This quote does not exist.
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