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I Know Your Hurt,
But Don't Hurt Yourself Tonight.
You Deserve A Break,
Staying So Loyal To Your Addiction,
Take Tonight Off, Flaunt Your Insecurities,
&& Relaxe.
Just Breath && Smile.
&& Tomorrow You Can Start Again,
But I'll Warn You, It May Not Be A Grand As Before.
Stay Strong.

Fall in love with someone who deserves     your heart. Not someone who plays with it.





guess who?

Started my five page essay at 11:30 pm the day before it was due.
Procratination at it's best
dear little fighter, things will get brighter.

We accept the 


we think we


-The perks of being a wall flower

You  promised someone  else  the  love that  i  was  pouring  out for  you.

you broke me like a promise,
so   casually   cruel,
in the name of being honest.


"If we can't tolerate other people's intolerance, then we aren't very tolerant are we?"
-Russell Brand
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