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One Direction Update
12/7/12 11:55 PM EST
Hey guys! So today the boys were on Sirius FM Radio and then they were at the z100 Jingle Ball at MSG. Sorry if this isn't too detailed today, I've been busy all day.

Right now the boys are on their way back to the UK. Except for Harry. Harry is apparently with Taylor again.  And no, I don't for for sure what's going on between them. Only time will tell. But Harry has said that he's single. And he will be heading back to the UK soon, because the boys are doing the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball in London tomorrow.

Rumors: None other than what was mentioned before

Quote of the day: "I once lost a shoe and that made the world news, so that was quite fun. A lot of people kept asking me for weeks... I think it might've been my lucky lefty." ~Liam

Links: Zayn tonight:
The boys at the Jingle Ball: twitpic.com/bk03el
Liam and a fan: pic.twitter.com/LaJOHnLX
The boys at Sirius: twitpic.com/bk06w8
Louis and Niall at JFK airport an hour ago:
Zayn and a fan at the airport: pic.twitter.com/wkDIUCZK
I love you so much it hurts.
I hate you so much it makes me sick.

Can my mind not make its decision?

 I honestly wanna just curl up in a ball and stop existing. No one would notice anyways. Not like I matter, right? YOu would notice, wont even care. I just don't wanna talk to anyone. The darkness of my depression is surounding me and I don't know how much longer I can fight it off anymore. Not like anyone cares. I don't even know why I'm typing this, not like anyone's gonna read this anyways. I just don't know what to do anymore... I'm just this one girl that no one sees. That no one cares about. I just want someone to tell me, "I know you're not happy, not stop f.ucking around with me and everyone else, sit your a.ss down and tell me what's wrong!" But no one cares. No one bothers to look me in the eye and see that on the inside I'm dieing and I'm about to explode. Oh well.... 


I just want you to know who I am.

I know we said things , did things that we didnt mean. We fall back into the same habits , same routines . But your temper is just as bad as mine is .. Baby , please come back . it wasnt you , baby it was me. Maybe our relationship isnt as crazy as it seems. Maybe thats what happens when a tornado meets a volcano .. All I know is I love you too much to walk away now..
This Moment In Time
Chapter Three
Niall's POV

At sound check the next day I still couldnt get Aurora off of my mind. "Hey, Liam can I talk to you?"
"Sure lets just finish Last First Kiss."
When we got a little free time Liam and I went to walk around the stadium. "so, whats been on your mind Niall?"
"You really can't stop thinking abou her can you?"
"No." I whispered.
"You should just text and her and see how she's doing. The night when I first met Aurora I told Liam what I saw, he felt so bad.

Aurora's POV
I was sitting at the lunch table in the back of the room, whenI felt my phone vibrate. It wasnt a number I recognized, so I checked it.
Hey, Aurora. It's Niall, I just wanted to see how you're doing and that I've been thinking about you.
I felt my heart leap when I saw his name. I left lunch and went to the bathroom, he called me and we talked for awhile.
"Ro, can I ask you a question?"
"I thnk you just-" Then the bell rang. "I have to go, but I'll call you when I get home. I mean if you're not to busy."
"I'll make time for you."

It's been almost a whole year I've had this Witty account. The most faves I've ever gotten was 11... 

i dont have a role model because im me i dont want to be like anybody else 

     He was wearing a T-shirt that said FULL FRONTAL NERDITY, and his corn silk hair kept falling into his eyes. "But don't you wish it could be true?" I asked him. "Don't you wish love was so strong it could come back to haunt you?"
     I told him the story of my mother, who one night had woken up at 3:14am with a mouth full of violet petals and the scent of roses so thick in the air that she could not breathe. An hour later she was roused by a phone call: her own mother, a flourist by trade, had died of a ehart attack at 3:14am. "Science can't answer everything," I told Henry. "It doesn't explain love."
     "Actually it does," he told me. "There have been all kinds of studies done. People are more attracted to people with symmetrical features, for example. And symmetrical men smell better to women. Also, people who have similar genetic traits are attracted to each other. It probably has something to do with evolution."
     I burst out laughing. "That is
awful," I said. "That is the most unromantic thing I've ever heard."
     "I don't think so..."
     "Oh, really. Say something that will sweep me off my feet," I demanded.
     Henry looked at me for a long moment, until I could feel my head growing lighter and dizzier. "I think you might be perfectly symmetrical," he said.

Emma, House Rules

But you're so hypnotizing
you got me laughing while I sing
you got me smiling in my sleep
& I can see this unraveling
Your love is where I'm falling
but please don't catch me... 

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