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[      E      ][       V      ][       E        ][       R       ][       Y      ][       T      ][        H      ][        I      ][       N      ][      G      ]

i do is wrong in your eyes

How do I
Without the ones I love?



The only reason we complain about 10 year olds having boyfriends & girlfriends is because we're still single..


Bumper: I have a feeling we should kiss. Is that a good feeling or an incorrect feeling?
Fat Amy: Well... sometimes I have the feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm... better not.      

Pitch Perfect
if you haven't seen this movie than you are missing out.

Someone born to be

Someone used to be

Someone made to be

Someone choose to be

                  But iam what iam now


When you are played so many times it's hard to go out and say i'm okay. . . . . 
Why was Santa freaking out when he got stuck in the chimney?
Because he was Santa Claustraphobic!

1. Name - Declan
2. Birthday - September 6
3. Current location - Home
4. Current mood - Got nothing to do

1. Flower - Rose
2. Color - PURPLE
3. Restaurant - HARD ROCK CAFE!!!!

4. Store - Dangerfeild
5. Designer - Pete Wentz (Clandestine Industries)
6. Animal - Tapier, sloth or dogs
7. Drink - MOTHER

This, that, either
1. Summer or winter? winter
2. Shoes or purses? WTF
4. Showers or baths? showers, by far
5. Yoga or sports? sport!
6. Ocean or pool? ocean!
7. Real tan or tanning beds? real tan, i say :D
8. Eyeliner or mascara? Eyeliner.... well Guyliner

1. Taken or single - TAKEN!!!
2. Looks or personality - Pesonality all the way! i dont want to be stuck with some stupid blonde! my girlfriend is SUPER SMART anyway, looks just come with the package ;)
3. Longest relationship - like, 2 years
4. Crush- she's my girlfriend
5. Does she know you like her - err yeah
6. Do you believe in soul mates - dunno
7. Do you like romantic girls - Leave it to the guy... but its nice :)
8. Have you ever been in love - Yep i am now!
9. Did it work out? - it has so far...
10. Has any guy ever cheated on you - No
11. Have you ever cheated on anyone - No.

1. Best friends - Aaron, Josh, Ellie and James
2. Do you tell him/her everything - mostly
3. Can you be yourself in front of the guys - YEAH
This quote does not exist.
So, i need some ideas.

I'm doing a report on gay

marriage and how i think

it's right.

it's a persuasive essay.

now i need a lot of

examples of why gay

marriage is right?

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