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 Its not like you 
Cared  Anyway </3

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It is not the person that is a monster
It is society that creates them

Lend Me Your Heart
Even though I was still upset with my brother from last night.
I’d seen him drunk before, but never so drunk that he put peoples’ lives in danger and couldn’t even stand straight.
But, even though it upset me, I decided to put it behind me and enjoy Thanksgiving with my now-sober family and Zach.
I got out of the shower before Zach was even awake and run upstairs, spending about an hour blow-drying and curling my hair.
I changed into a black, long-sleeved dress that went to my knees, black tights, and red heels.
Then I put on some mascara and lipstick that matched with my shoes.
We were going to my aunt’s house, which meant I had to look good.
That family expected a lot from me, considering my brother and I were the oldest kids on that my mom’s side of the family.
We were supposed to be role models, but since my brother didn’t turn out too great, I was their last hope.
When I walked downstairs, I noticed Zach dressed in a red polo, black dress pants, and shiny black shoes.
“We’re matching and we didn’t even plan it!” I said excitedly, making his head turn towards me in surprise once he heard my voice.
My mom was making breakfast and my dad was collecting firewood outside; I could see him through the glass windows.
My brother and Ellie were lying on the couch, watching some adult cartoon show.
By the look on their faces, you could tell they were definitely hung-over.
Zach’s eyes wandered from my feet to my eyes, making me blush.
I guess he had permission to do that now, after what happened last night.
“You’re right. We do match,” he said, smiling with his pretty, white teeth, “But you look better than I do.”
I saw the corner of my mom’s mouth twitch up into a smile while she continued to cook.
“Not true,” I said, sitting next to him at the kitchen counter.
I honestly had to fight the urge to make out with him every second of everyday now.
My mom turned her back on us completely, stirring something in a pot.
When she did, Zach locked eyes with mine and then looked at my lips, like he was overly eager to kiss me, too.
But, as he slowly leaned in towards me, we heard someone clear their throat behind us, making our heads pop up in surprise.
My brother stood there, giving Zach a disapproving look and wiggling his finger.
“I’m not gonna let it happen again,” Mike said, his voice low enough so my mom didn’t hear, “Not with my sister. Understood?”
Zach nodded, but as Mike started to walk away, I grabbed the fabric on his shirt and looked him in the eye whispering, “I can’t kiss Zach…but you can bring home random girls and get drunk at night?”
His jaw clenched as he fought the urge to slap me upside my head.
“I’m a nineteen-year-old guy, Layne. You’re a sixteen-year-old girl. You can’t take care of yourself! You can kiss this idiot as much as you want at school, but you aren’t gonna do it in front of me, okay? I’m not going to let you make mistakes in front of my own eyes when I know I can put a stop to it,” he whisper-yelled to me.
“He’s not an idiot and he’s sure as hell not a mistake,” I shot back, my eyes watering.
“That’s what you think now. Just wait,” my brother told me, “You’ll learn. Boys only want one thing. I would know.”
With that, he shot Zach another glare and walked away.
I turned back to Zach and gave him a sympathetic look.
“You aren’t a mistake, Zach,” I told him, “Don’t listen to him, okay?”
But, Zach didn’t seem convinced.
The look on his face was a mix of anger, concern, pity, and confusion.
“What if he’s right, Layne? I’m not good enough for you.”
“So what? None of what he said was true. Connor is a mistake. Connor is a boy who only wants one thing. Zach, you don’t know what you’re talking about!”
Suddenly, my mom turned around, looking concerned.
“Why do I keep hearing whispers behind my back?” she snapped.
Zach and I looked down at our shoes in shame.
“Sorry, Mom,” I said.
“I’m sorry, Mrs. Davis,” Zack repeated.
“Would anybody like to tell me what’s going on? Are you two fighting?”
“No, Mom.”
“No, Mrs. Davis, we weren’t. I’m sorry.”
Her eyes softened and she offered Zach a small smile.
“As long as we’re okay. Listen, both of you. After I’m done with this soup, we’re heading down the street to Aunt Mary’s. You can walk or wait until I’m done to take the minivan.
Zach looked at me and said, “What do you want to do?”
“Heels,” I said. “I am not walking there in heels.”

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I love how people think that riding my butt while I'm driving is magically going to make me speed up. Um. No. It's just going to make me slow down, and if you don't pass me (Like tonight with the fog) Well, that sucks for you. :)
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I want you to r-o-c-k me

again. want you to r-o-c-k

me again. r-o-c-k me

1D_fanfiction and 1hockey2lax3crazy are building a fort and I am not allowed to see it. Well check out their stories cause I love them and their stories.
I don't know
but I've been told
the world outside is oh so 
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