Quotes added on Tuesday, December 18 2012

I just want to cry
and cry
and cry
until I have no more tears left.
But I fear that I have already reached that point.
I can't seem to cry anymore.
Instead I just lay there,
just utterly and competely
So rumor has it that Channing Tatum is going to be a daddy 
Which is weird since 
i didn't even know i was pregnant.
" I need to study! "
*Opeans book*
" I dont feel like studying. "
* Close book *

I've always wanted to be kissed on New Years.
I'll be standing there all by myself,
acting as if I don't care,
and counting down the minutes until 12,
and right when it stikes 12,
I get pulled into a kiss,
I never saw it coming. 
Neither did anyone else,
but there isn't a care in the world after that,
because my wish just came true.
I've always wanted to be kissed on New Years.

That moment when you understand
something in math class:

Im the smartest person alive!

This quote does not exist.

"Somebody told me," I said.
i was a coward in disguise. 
"That? That what?," he said, envious.
"That you were in love with her. Not me."

Who else freaked out at the

ending of tonight's HIMYM?


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