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 Best Friends are a real gift.

 You have as much of a choice about whom u end up with as you get to choose your family. They don't look for your flaws, they help you to work past them.  They are not embarassed to be in public with you, they will waste a whole day just to be with you.  They will listen to your problems and help you fix them.  They are the people you sit on the bus with, eat lunch with, and get in trouble with.  You know EvErYtHiNg about each other.  These are the people who you don't have to try to fit in with.  If you are thinking you don't have someone like this, think hard and you will probably find someone.

    Honestly, I would die for my bestfriend, fave if you would to.
Feelings don't walk away.

People do.

Taking a test
Me: *looks up*
Teacher: *watching me*
Me: *smiles
Teacher: *watching me*
Me: That was awkward. 
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My head’s spinning,
I can’t think straight.
I took a step into confusion,
It was a step too late.
I don’t understand her.
First she’s there,
Then she’s not.
There’s something inside me.
There’s two different realities.
I don’t see her,
I don’t hear her,
But she’s always there.
I can feel her stare.
Get it out!
I want it gone!
It won’t leave.
It can’t.
I’m a part of it,
And it’s a part of me.
I don’t mean to say some of the things I say,
My mouth just spits them out that way.
Sometimes I’m here,
Others I’m not.
Like I’m at a halfway mark,
But I can feel myself slipping further back into the dark.

I'll be that friend that will listen,

when nobody else will.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
and perhaps so are you

But the Roses have wilted
The violets are dead
The sugar bowls empty
your wrists are stained red


this is not my format, and this poem is found on tumblr. I really like this, I do not know why. It is longer, but this is just a few verses.
I don't know when I lost myself. I don't know how, or when, or where. Was it eighth-grade science class, where I sat alone and prayed for opposites? Half of the time I would pray to be noticed, the other half I'd pray to remain ignored. Or was it the lonely nights I spent tangled in sheets, reminiscing about every insignificant little mistake I'd ever made? Maybe it was the books, or maybe the music that made me disappear. Maybe I got too caught up in the beauty of others' words that I lost any beauty in my own. Maybe it was the nights I snuck out or the days spent in the ocean that did me in.   nnnnnnnnnnnnnkdjsfnlskdjfnlskdjfnlskdjfnsl 

I don't know who I was before. She's gone, lost forever, and she's not coming back. The only thing I know for sure anymore is that when I lost the girl I used to be, I found myself.


This is so cute <3

Niall: He'll probably be really mad at me because of this later
Niall: But i wanted you to know that the curly one is mine
Niall: And tonight I'll be punished but I don't mind at all

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