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and i just wanna tell you it takes
everything in me not to call you

the fact that him, my dad, brothers get along so well makes me happy but sad . happy because its funny seeing them mees with eachother &s.hit sad because everyone wants their boyfriend to get along with dad & brothers & family and him and me could never be real together because hes my 3rd cousin.

I miss you.

       &I’m so lonely.                              I feel like such a nag.

1. First Name? Nikki
2. Current Crush? I still love Ryen.
3. Addiction? Music, internet, soccer, and running.
4. How Tall i am? like 5'4" ?
5.Relationship Status? Single. Probably always will be.
6.Girls i trust? I don't even have friends anymore
7. Boys i trust? Big brother. 
8. Favorite Food? Watermelon<3 
9. Current Mood? Really upset..
10. Favorite color? Blue & Pink
11. Confession? no one understands me.
12. Who i miss? My grandma, my brother, my bestfriend, and sadly him/:
13. Who i hugged last? Mom
14. Who understands me? feels like nobody.
15. Someone who is always there for me? Olivia (sooms7)
16. Last Text? "That's terrible I'm sorry (crying emoji)"
17. Who's a stranger? What kind of question is this? Everyone I don't know..?
18. Who makes me laugh the most? Colton, Connor, And  Tyler
19. Who i do the craziest stuff with? Cassidy
20. Who makes you smile? My cat.
21. What am i listening to? Taylor Swift CD
22. Turn ons? Football players, sweet, and confidence.  Not afraid to be crazy!
23. Turn offs? Smokers / drinkers . 
24. Best girl friend? Don't have one.
25. Best boy friend? don't have one
26. Second Favorite color? purple
27. Second confession? I get attached to easily
28. What i hate? myself
29. Who's annoying? everybody right now
30. Who i hate? Natascia and Jonnie. I know it's not right to "hate" people, but honestly, I have some very good reasons to hate them..

i bet it never ever occured to you that i
cant say hello to you and risk another goodbye


& just when i think

I've hit my all time low,  it just keeps getting worse


I don't know anything anymore. I don't know who I am and that's not good because that's how I hit rock bottom in the first place. I want my best friend back. I want someone I can talk to. I want to be able to trust. I want to open up again but no one will even begin to pry... I just want to be the really strong person everyone thinks I am, but I'm not. I only give such great advice because I've gone through so much crap it's unbelievable. Yeah, I can help you fix your problems but I have no idea how to fix my own. I just need someone to help. And yes, this probably is my cry for help. Just ignore it, everyone else always has.... I can't keep losing people.....
So , you're probaly all excpecting this hilarious ,cunning,intelligent quote ,but no all i have to say is 

Sexual Bananas
Even if I don't need something, if it's on sale, I do. 

i wish i could run to you and
i hope that you know evertyime i dont
i almost do, i almost do

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